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Introducing Abby

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Yes, my life has not yet slowed down. As a matter of fact, and as unbelievable as it seems, it has continued to be even more insane and harried.

And in the middle of it all, my mother evicted the tenants from her property. They failed to pay rent...and were having extraordinarily loud/violent/drug filled parties on a regular (er, nightly) basis. So they got booted by the Sheriffs two weeks ago today.

I went over there to clean so the cleaning crew could get there. Dried vomit on the floor, what appeared to be blood on the carpet (yes, ripped and tossed...) spoiled food all over the kitchen, old food rotting in the stove...yeah, well...so I cleaned. Opened all the doors and windows, and just went after it all.

As I was working on a pile of dried vomit, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye...a sweet, small, cat was wandering through the house, sort of lost looking. A moggie, silent and skittish. I laid down on that nasty floor, trying to be as small as possible so she'd come over or at least stay inside the house, but no joy. She bolted, and I didn't see her for the rest of the day.

For two weeks, I fed her inside the same kennel I used to trap Penguin. Every other day, I went over there and put out more food, and backed off, hoping she'd come by and eat while I was there, and hopefully associate me with food and thus safety. It never happened.

Knowing the painting, landscaping, cleaning, and carpeting crews are due this coming week, I bought a Havahart trap today. Even though that would strap me for the rest of the week, it was important that I get this sweet cat and soon; the noise, smells, and activity would likely chase it away...and then it would be a huge problem, if not impossible, to get it.

I set the trap, and hunkered down for a wait. I had brought snacks, water, and a thick book in case it was going to be a wait; I was prepared, you see, for her to now come around until the night fell.

After about an hour, I laid out on the now-bare cement flooring. I figured I'd take a nap, and then reconsider my options...as I laid there, eyes closed, trying to relax my mind, I heard a bangthumpyooooooooowwwwwwllll, and realized the cat had triggered the trap.

And as these things go, it had...and was inside the cage. I laid out on the patio and just watched it indirectly for a bit. Then I coated my hand with Feliway spray, and laid it outside the trap but right on the wire. The cat came over, sniffed it, sat in the food, looked at me, and if it was a human I would swear it burst into tears. I stroked the chin through the bars, and this sweet cat pushed against my hand. We stayed like that for a while, me scritching and it pushing, and then I moved the trap inside, took this poor sad, tired, hungry, skinny cat into my arms, and just held it, crooning and purring into it's ears. It was filthy; all oily, several cuts on it's face, and just skin and bones. It had a collar, and as I transferred the cat to the dog kennel, I took it off and called the number. It was disconnected, and was my former tenant's cell phone number. So I loved on the cat some more, sprinkled Feliway all over the kennel, and loaded up the car.

I have discovered that this cat is a girl. I think she's about 4 years old, from what I can tell (teeth, coat, and attitude). She needed a bath desperately, so she got one, and a blow dry. She is now happily ensconced in the kennel which is tucked under the dining table, and all the other cats have come by to say hello.

She is a gentle, sweet soul. At no time - not once, including while bathing her in the tub - did she hiss, or swipe, or growl, or scratch me, and she had ample opportunity to do so. She's voiced objections, but they were not accompanied by any action. Her ears have not laid back at all, the tail has been in appropriate places, and she seems to like sleeping in the cat litter.

Likewise, with the exception of Simon, all the other cats are fine with her in the kennel. Simon, otoh, just wants to play and keeps reaching through the bars to "shake hands" I think. He wonders why she moves off, but then just looks at me as if to say "well, she'll play later."

I have a home for her, should the need arise...but if all goes well, I might consider keeping her. She laid in my lap getting the blow dry, and not only didn't she fuss or even wiggle too much, she laid her head down on my arm and just rested there.

Abby. Short for abandoned. I could cheerfully run over my former tenant, you know? Cheerfully. He took his pitbull, and left the cat.

Just thought I'd make the intros...pix will follow; although at the moment, i think she could use some "down" time.

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Oh my, what a sweet story. I got a bit misty there! You are SO nice to do that!
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Aw Michele! Another little waif in your life! She's fortunate to have crossed your path. I'll be watching for updates, I will!
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Michele, bless you!
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What a lovely thing for you to do!, cant wait to see pics
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I can't believe someone could leave such a precious little creature! That's EVIL! People like that make me so mad! I'm so glad it was you who found this little sweetheart, she's definitely landed on her feet - she really needs it now. Congratulations for you and for Abby and I can't wait to see pictures!
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SOMETIMES IT JUST HAPPENS!!! Fantastic - I hope in a way you do keep her, you sound like you have bonded well and as if she would soon settle in with the other cats. What a good thing that something wonderful comes out of something bad.
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Bless you for saving this precious little one, Michele! Welcome to the family, Abby!
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I`m so glad she was found by you and I hope that`s where she stays!
Are you at all worried about her passing on anything to your other kitties if she should "have something"? (I know i`m really paranoid about petting the stray that comes around and always change clothes and wash before handling my 2 indoor kitties, even though they have had their shots.)
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Aww... sorry about the mess but good thing this happened so you could save this little girl.
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Awww. I very much enjoyed reading this adventure Michele. I'm so happy that sweet little Abby will have a nice warm and safe home. I hope all goes well with her adjustment into your home. Can't wait to see pictures.

Welcome Abby!!!
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You always amaze me at the depth of your heart and your eternal patience. Abby is truly blessed when she crossed paths with you. Best of luck to you and your very special household.

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That's wonderful how you saved her. She sounds like she's settled right into you household. I glad she got rescued from the pit bull owning druggies, it's a miracle that she's so sweet natured.
On the cleaning part- ewwww! Sadly, I can comiserate with you too well. Gross how some people live, huh?
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What a mess! I'm glad you were able to catch her, due to your patience! Abby sounds like an angel, I sure hope she blends in ok with your family!
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Abby has definitely landed in a wonderful and loving place. It sure sounds like she's already wrapped herself around your heart. I think she's wrapped herself around a lot of people's hearts here.
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I'm very glad you came into Abby's life. She is very lucky indeed. Per the pitbull comments, I have a decal that says "Judge the deed, not the breed". I am the former owner of a pitbull and a current owner of a pitbull mix. Never had sweeter gentler dogs. Enough said about pitbulls, congrats to you and Abby !
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Michelle, you never cease to amaze me with your loving, giving nature. I am totally in awe of you. God will bless you for saving Abby and Penguin and your friend, just to name a few. I hope you have people around to care for you too. If anyone deserves good things, it's you.

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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Michelle, you never cease to amaze me with your loving, giving nature. I am totally in awe of you. God will bless you for saving Abby and Penguin and your friend, just to name a few. I hope you have people around to care for you too. If anyone deserves good things, it's you.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Michelle, you are a wonderful person.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
Oh my, what a sweet story. I got a bit misty there! You are SO nice to do that!
i hope you can keep her - she needs a wonderful companion like you to make up for that horrible person!
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What a beautiful story!!, so glad you were able to get her!, bless you
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You all are so nice - thanks for all the wishes and compliments. Abby is adjusting; still not using claws on me, but has hissed a time or two. There is a slight disrupted feeling in the household, but that's to be expected. She's a real cuddle bum, too. She really likes our social time; I put my bathrobe on, tuck her down inside, and work on the computer or walk around the house. Her motor is huge, too; her whole self vibrates when she purrs.

Simon is still trying to figure out who/what she is, Charlotte has decided ro not worry about it right off, Esse doesn't care (as there is plenty of food and love; that's her entire world concern...LOL), Penguin has come close and looked, sniffed, and not had an issue, and Pie, of course, saw her and fled, screaming "I've got a terrible headache; I think it's a migraine...I'll just lay under the bed and recover." LOL, drama queen she is.

Abby has eaten and used the box (yet still insists on sleeping in the box, so I have to be uber quick about getting it cleaned out...). She is a hider; she likes to be covered and secure...and she hums. Doesn't growl, exactly, but hums. Lets me know she's not a happy camper, or maybe it is that she's a happy camper. I'm not at all sure what she's saying...but she's saying it with a hum.

She's still in her kennel, and we're off to the vet's in about an hour; my vet is seeing her after hours ('cause he just rocks...) I'll update when we get in, and I've tried to get some shots of her to post up on a cat page. She's a sweetie, no doubt or question.

As for me, I'm doing all right. A whole lot of tired, and a whole lot of tense, but that's all right; things are changing, my friend is slowly responding and recovering, and I've found a new avenue of income; I've sold several photographs and have been asked to do more shoots with people I know. So while life is hard, it's also rewarding and fulfilling.
I'll be back to update after the vets, and hopefully get some pix up of Abby girl too.

And thanks again. This site never ceases to amaze me, with all the support and friendship here. It's great...and I really appreciate it. More than you all would know.

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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Abby is 7.3 pounds (underweight), about a year and a half, apparently spayed, no ear mites, lots of fleas, and FIV/FL negative. Generally in good health, and very mellow. While waiting in the vet's exam room, I got to cuddling her. In my lap, she rolled over, gave me her belly, and just laid there, chilling.

And in the waiting room, she met a pug puppy; no fear, no hissing, a sniff, the pug licked her nose, and life was grand.

I'm very pleased that she's healthy...that will make me rest easier, no doubt. Her too. She got vaccinated (4 in 1), a flea pill, some ointment for her poor pads (they're abraded badly; it's neosporin and udderbalm, or something like that).

Now, to integrate her fully, and see if she can handle other cats. I think she will, but it's not just her - I've got the other five to watch out for, as well.

Anyway, I'll get some shots up tomorrow - I've got some other things to handle tonight; but tomorrow, you'll see the cat everyone who sees her says is "gorgeous."

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I can hardly wait to see the pictures. I still can't believe anyone could leave a little one who sounds adorable behind. Again, Michele, you are so amazing that I'm honored to know you.

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Yay Abby!

She sounds like such a sweetie, and so accepting of whatever comes her way. Kinda like the wonderful lady who found her in that awful house...
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Oh, Michele!! (good tears) You are an angel. Thank you for saving this precious cat.
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Michele, any updates on Abby? How is Pengy doing?
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Michele, good luck with Abby. I hope your other kitties enjoy having a new addition.
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Colleen, everyone is acclimating wonderfully. The first night she was not kenneled was rather interesting, but no blood just lots of yowls and growls. It's completely calmed down now, and my greatest fear - that Pengy would retreat and all progress would be lost with her - has NOT happened. Pengy is out and about; like clockwork, as Esse enters a room, Pengy is within 10 seconds of her, tailing her like her shadow. They are indeed a pair...and apparently, Pengy has no problem with her whatsoever. Surprised me, but hey, there it is. Pengy is soooooooo cool, and sweet and pretty happy, I think. Both Charlotte and Pie have had one (and only one) swipe out with Abby, and Esse is fine. Simon is still extraordinarily curious about her, but Abby is not yet curious about Simon. No one is inappropriately peeing, all are being normal, and seem to have realized that there is room for one more with no lack for them.

The home I had lined up for this sweet girl fell through - she was going to declaw Abby, and still allow her to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Nope, I can't do that. But there is *another* stray that is already declawed, so hopefully he's in good health and I can trap him and get him a furrever home (since he's already declawed, I don't have to worry about that, you know?) I'll find out about that next week.

Abby is a doll. Simply a doll. She loves to get her belly rubbed, and will roll over and pull you to her belly. She lays her head in your hand and just purrs...She's eating well, using the box perfectly, and is just a sweetheart. She's still kind of antsy and edgy, but it's only been a week, and this is better than I had hoped for. She's tall and skinny, but hopefully she will put on some weight and not have protruding hip bones; she is, as stated, eating well, so I figure that will happen soon.

I've got a good bunch of cats here; funny, I've always said that as long as they know they're loved and have enough food, these guys will allow anything. I wasn't sure, but now I am; I've got a good bunch.

I will get a cat page up for her, and update the post when that happens (hopefully tomorrow). The shots I took I wasn't happy with, so I will reshoot tomorrow, and get that done, so you all can see this precious, sweet, darling wee one.

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Excellent stuff, Michele!!
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It all sounds great! So happy for all of them, and for you.
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