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kitten with big tummy

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I have a kitten a neighbor almost hit with her car. She brought it to me because she thought it was one of my feral cats. She told me it was really sick. I called the vet and met him for an after hours call, and we all know what that costs. Anyway he treated her for worms and upper respiratory infection. She was pretty bad. She is much better. Her eyes are not running and she has stopped sneezing, but she has a big belly, almost like it is swollen. I called the vet and he told me she might be constipated. She has been going potty,but not a lot and she has a liquid coming from her bottom. Does anyone know what to do if she is constipated, cause he never said what I should do. I really can't afford to take her back in unless I just have to. My bill at the vet is already outrageous. I have 2 diabetic cats and they are expensive, but they are doing great, thank God. They are my babies.
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Well, be sure she is getting enough fluids for one thing, and check the box to see if you can see if she for sure has gone poo with in the last 24 hours or so. Also cats that are constipated will go to the box frequently but will do nothing (like they are trying and nothings happening). It is not good for a cat to go long with out producing feces. It causes the waste to back up into their system and can make them very sick as it is toxic. I would keep the cat under supervision and check these things throughout the day. If nothing is produced by monday go to the vet!

Of course this is assuming the cat is constipated. Depending on the age of the kitten, it could be pregnant (they can get pregnant at 5 months, and sometimes earlier), have a form of dysentery, or many other things wrong. I would say, imho, that a trip back to the vet is needed, because no matter what, a swollen belly is going to make this kitten uncomfortable, or possibly put it in pain. Its a sign that something is not right.
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Darla, please post this on the health board, even though she is a stray. How nice that the neighbors know you are the go-to person for kitties. Maybe the lady who found her can help with the vet bills?

I seem to remember that you can add a spoonful of pumpkin to the cats diet for fiber. Make sure it is the kind without spices! Best of luck with this kitty!
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Cat lax is avalable at your local pet store. Also cat food with real fish and fish oils help.
Is her tummy really round and swollen? feels quite firm to the touch?
I would be willing to bet that it is worms and not constipation. Especially if she is eating and eating regularly.
If she has been already treated. when was the treatment? some weeks/months ago?

Either way, take all our advice as just what it is; Advice in good intent and faith; however Your vet is the source for answers.
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I had her in the vet's office a week ago and she was treated for worms. She was very sick. She is taking antibiotics and I wonder if it might be affecting her digestive system. Thanks and I asked the vet about her and he told me she was fine. Thanks to all of you for all the info. I am off here because I am not posting in the right places and I don't have time to go to each section and find out which one is right. I really enjoyed your website, but I don't want to mess things up. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!
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It doesn't hurt the site to post in the wrong area. And you really didn't, since she is a stray. But each forum is read by a different type of person, and a different moderator. So it is possible that you will get different viewpoints on the health forum.

Your kitten just worries me, because I had a kitten with a round tummy who had a very severe illness. But it is certainly not the first thing to look for with a round tummy kitten, but just scary to me. I just want you to get the best help you can get.

Also, often worms are treated two or even three weeks in a row. Maybe she just needs another dose of the worm med? It shouldn't need a vet appt, just a call to the vet you saw before.
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I gave her a little pumpkin and it worked. She went potty and her tummy is just kitty round. Great advice. She is all better to give away, but I will wait until after Halloween.
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Well, I'm glad she is feeling better. It is so hard not to worry when they are so tiny and vulnerable.
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