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help kitten bit the vet what to do

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hi i need any advice anyone can give me please!!! i have been taking care of the strays around my house for awhile now getting them used to people and such hoping to eventually find homes for them the 2 smalllest pooh and baby have come such a long way they let me pick them up and cuddle with them they come running when they see me ect. as i was leaving for work on tues i saw baby on the road hit by a car i am devastated i cried all day and i feel like its all my fault like i should have done more so we (my fiancee and i ) immeditly brought pooh into the house and we are going to keep her even though we already have a full house i cant let anything happen to her here is my real problem i took her to the vets and she freaked out she is usually very calm and sweet but she was so scared she scratched and bit (hard!)the vet and could not be examned what cn i do so this doesnt happen again thanks so much in advance!
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They just need to sedate her to be examined, put her in a humane cat trap for transport to the vet, they will sedate her through the bars then pull her out for an exam and a spay.
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If you get the kitten more socialized, it won't be as hard at the vet when she has tamed down. I bring feral kittens/cats to the vet regularly, and I warn my vet in advance that they are feral. As Hissy said, the really wild ones are best transported in a humane cat trap so that they can do injections thru the bars. For the ones you can manage, I pull them out of their carriers and depending on the procedure, hold them for the vet or a vet tech takes over for me.

If your vet is not used to handling feral cats, call around to find one that does. I know of vets that refuse to take them as there are certain protocals that vets use with ferals that not all vets are aware of. If they botch up, they get scratched and bit. My vet and his techs are so good that we have drawn blood from them without having to sedate them. Not something I would suggest to anyone not familiar with working with feral cats.

Don't stress yourself out about the kitten biting the vet. As good as he is with handling cats, I've had fully tame cats tag my vet. It happens in that profession.
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