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My Cats are hissing and growling at eachother

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I have had one of the cats for 5 years, the other for 4. Both male. Both Fixed. They only time they have been apart has been when the 4 year old was neutered. Until this week.

On 10/4, my 5 year old cat had to go to the vet. Complete UT Blockage and severe UTI. He eneded up in the vets from Tuesday AM til Thursday evening.

When I brought him home I put him isolated him in the bathroom so i could monitor food, drink and bathroom activites. Friday mornign I let him out cuz everything looked OK and the 4 year old started hissing and "growling" when ever the one that was in the vet's got near him. I called teh vet....they told me to let the cats work it out....it should take about 10 minutes.....So I left them at home for the day.

The 4 year old is still hissing at the 5 year old. I am just trying to figure out what to do. (My kids (3under 10) are with me this weekend and they do not llike seeing the cats act this way.)

It is a bit strange to me as well. Is ther anything I can do to make the transition easier?
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The 5 yr old probably doesn't smell the same to the 4 yr old. Try putting vanilla on both of them so they smell the same and they may calm down.
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You need pure vanilla extract, and you need to apply this to both your cats in three places several times a day- under their chins, between their shoulders and the base of their tail.
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Sometimes when you have more than one cat and one stays somewhere else for the night (or for a very long time) and come back, the other cats notice that the cat smells different, and hisses at them. My cat did this to my other two when they had to stay the night for fixing. It's normal, I think. Just put vanilla on them like everyone else said
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Of course Pure vanilla extact is needed. I only have the fake stuff. (I just finished the pure last night.) LOL

I guess I head to the grocery store tomorrow.
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This is normal. When Much had to go have a precancerous growth removed, Lucy was a kitten at the time. Lucy adored Much and missed her alot. When we brought Much home, Lucy didn't recognize her beloved Much and started hissing. Then Lucy would go and look for Much to come home. It took a couple of weeks for Lucy to recognize Much which actually was in our favor because Much was left alone to heal.
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