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Healing vibes for my dogs please.

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Niki is real sick, she has no fever but is coughing, vomiting and has bad diarrhea. Bozy and Cody are coughing as well but they don't seem to be as ill as Niki. There's nothing for me to do until tomorrow and of course I will be monitoring them through the night. My babies have never been ill and I'm worried sick. Please send vibes that I'm overreacting and that they will be fine.
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Sending vibes and prayers your way.
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Sending vibes your way! Please keep us updated !
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Please get your dogs to the Vet right away. I'm not trying to scare you, but there is a serious dog flu going around, and dogs are dying. The symptoms you're talking about sound very much like the dog flu.

I heard on the news, that you should get your dog to the Vet immediately if they start showing any symptoms. This flu is very dangerous.
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I'm aware of the flu. None of them have above normal temps but I will keep monitoring. They are showing symptoms of kennel cough mostly. We have E-vets all around us so if things worsen tomorrow I will pack them up and go. Thanks for your concernes all.
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the dog flu that is going around doesnt always cause a fever and its being misdiagnosed by many vets as kennel cough-- its been diagnosed in Washington state-- soo please please watch your babies-- what breeds and ages are they?
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Sending good prayers (and vibes) they're way! I hope they get better.
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Sending you many get well vibes and prayers
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I have 2 Aussies, 4 and almost 2 years of age, and two Border Collies 5, and almost 3 years of age. The 5 year old is the sickest. I have been advised that Robitussen DM helps with the symptoms so I used it.

I have studied quite a bit about the flu and most dogs can recover without treatment. It is serious however because they dont have a natural immunity to it. Young dogs are more likely to shake it than seniors or puppies. I will definately contact my vet on my dogs conditions when I am able. The cases here in this state were confined to a local shelter from what I read.
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I am sorry to hear about your dogs, and will keep my fingers crossed for them to begin recovering soon.
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More healing vibes your way!
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Niki, Bozy, and Cody, please feel better very soon! Please let us know how your pups are doing today!
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How are they today? Any improvement yet?
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There is no improvement but they're no worse. I did some reading on kennel cough and not unlike the common cold it could last up to 7 days. I hate seeing them so ill.
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If I were you I wouold definitely contact the vet in th e morning.
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Sending good wishes and get well vibes!!!!
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sending u and your dogs good vibes!! Do keep us updated..
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Well we finally were able to see the vet. They do indeed have kennel cough and were prescribed 16 days worth of antibiotics and cough supressants. Gonna be fun.
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Oh poor bubs! At least now you know, and they'll be well taken care of. The next 16 days sounds like a lot of fun.
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