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That Sandie

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I just wanted to say that I had a problem with my cat about pooping out of her litter box and Sandie said that she was unhappy.I tried to figure out what was making her unhappy. She had some matts in her hair and I had her groomed and she is like a new cat. She is not grumpy and she is pooping in her box again. I just wanted to praise Sandie, she knows cats. Thanks Sandie you are great!:angel2:

Sharon Ingram
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You are very welcome!! I am glad she's feeling 100% better
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I have to second that motion. I have had dozens of questions regarding my cats over the past 7 months that I have been here. Sandie has come to my rescue every time. She is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever dealt with regarding cats, even surpassing my veterinarian at times! So here is a cheer for Sandie!!!

:laughing2 :daisy: :flower: :rainbow: :blubturq:
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Sandie is the best, she has always been there for me regardless of if it was for a rescue, my own cat or someone else's! Thanks Sandie for so much left unsaid!
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OMG you guys, I am really blushing now
I am very glad I have been able to help you guys. I just knew my obsession with these furry little boogers would pay off
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