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What's Wrong? Help!!

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My cat is about 9 years old (human years). She was well trained and used her litter box, up until recently. She pees everywhere! She also has two really large lumps on her side, and I'm afraid to hurt her. She also acts as though her ear is bothering her. She keeps meowing, as if she is in heat, but it has been 4 months. Any idea what could possibly be wrong? Old age maybe? Thanks for any help.
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She needs to see a vet.
Peeing everywhere is her way of telling you something is wrong.
No idea what to tell you on the lumps.
If this is a spayed housecat, 9 years is far from old, mature, yes, but not old.
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She is a housecat, however she is not spayed. Thanks for the help.
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If she is not spayed get her to the vet ASAP, she very well could have pyometra, a very serious infection of the uterus.
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I would agree, get this cat to a vet and be quick about it. She should have been spayed years ago, leaving them intact like this can cause some real health concerns.
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I agree with Arlyn - your cat needs to be seen by a vet, ASAP. I don't know if the various problems you mentioned about her ear, the lumps and peeing everywhere are related, but just one of those things would be enough for me to take her to the vet immediately, if she were my cat.

Just wondering - why isn't she spayed?

Hope she'll be ok - please let us know.
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I am wondering what the side effects could be to not getting your animal NUETERED? I know there are problems with health down the line .. but what about for males?
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Testicular cancer for one.
And the hormonal changes for females in heat are very, very uncomfortable for them. The stress of a need to mate for both sexes can be enough to create their own problems as well.
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Unspayed females can have uterine and mammary cancer as well. The rescue cat I took in that was unspayed had an abdominal mass as well as mammary gland tumours. Urinating outside the litterbox can be a sign of cystitis, this cat could be in a lot of pain. If her ears are bothering her, she could have ear mites.
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Oh yes. Take her to the vet right away! Good luck.
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Thanks for all your help. I haven't taken her to the vet yet. My mom doesn't have that kind of money, to take her to a vet, and if she has to have surgery, that'd be even more expensive. Any ideas on what can be done??
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Aikon - There is nothing else to be done except to take your cat to the vet. None of us can tell you what to do to make her well. Only a vet can do that.

At the top of this forum, the 5th thread down, it says "Sticky: Health & Nutrition articles." Click on that and scroll down to where you'll see the title "What if I can't afford a vet?" Click on that to find suggestions.

Please do this ASAP. Borrow money from friends or family if necessary. Your cat has multiple health problems, which could possibly be life threatening. You and your mom are responsible for taking care of her and the only choice is to get her the help she needs, NOW. Please don't wait any longer.
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Call your local animal shelter, they will be able to tell you where you can go for a low cost or no cost shelter for people with a lower income. You have to take her to the vet, it is your obligation as her owner to treat her, not to let her suffer. I cannot believe that she has been like this for 4 months. The longer you leave it, the more complications you are looking at. PLEASE GO TO A VET ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
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