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Okay so today I was talking to my good friend on the phone and she was telling me how my ex boyfriend alex has been asking about me A LOT lately! And this was wonderful news because I was REEEALLY missing Alex..I broke up with him to go with Brett and that was the BIGGEST mistake I ever made in my LIFE!! So I got online and Alex IMed me with the lyrics of the "My Girl" song and well I just simply said "heh" and didn't really think anything of it. Then he says that he is thinking about breaking it off with the person he was with. Next thing I know..he did! And he was like "I did it because I missed you." And I just sat there listening. Next thing I know he says "I'm sorry that I hurt you in the past, but wil l you please go back out with me?" and my first thought was..he didn't hurt me..I hurt him..but I just simply said "Yes!" and then he says "This is great!! I felt incomplete without you!!" I couldn't believe this because I felt the same way without him!! Yeah sorry I made this so long I'm just so excited that he's back in my life!!!