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Broken Tail Recovery

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Hi everyone. Here's the story. About 4 months ago, my (indoor) cat snuck outside and went missing for 8 days. When I finally cought him, we took him to the vet and found out that his tail had been broken at the base. The severity of the break caused him to lose his urinary and bowel functions, plus he had to have his tail amputated. He slowly riding down the road to recovery, though he is on 3 medications twice a day while the nerves (hopefully) repair themselves and he can function on his own again. Right now, he is about at 85%. He still has accidents, but usually gets everything in the litterbox. We unfortubately have to keep him locked up in the laundry room, and he is beginning to get pretty miserable (he is the alpha male of the house).

I'm hoping someone else here has been through this and might be able to give me some insight on his recovery time/possibility. He seems to currently be at a standstill, so our vet is now trying to change up the med amounts to see if anything changes. I'm really beginning to lose faith in his recovery, but do not know anyone else who has been through this.

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all I can offer are hugs and prayers!
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My sister's cat had to have her whole tail amputated following a fight with a squirrel. It took her some months to get back to normal, but she finally did and lived happily for several more years. I know they kept her in the kitchen for a while, which is almost their 'family room', so they could monitor her, but I don't know whether there were many accidents. I hope it all works out for you.
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Thanks for the replies.
I'm really hoping to get in contact with someone who knows a lot about this. It's pretty rare, so it's been hard. Even our vet has only had 3 other cases like this in her career (all three made a full recovery).
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Don;t lose hope. I once had a cat healed of heartworms. I think I wrote about it somewhere else. The vet I was going to at the time really didn't know how to treat cats for that so he told me the same day as the diagnosis that he was going to need to call the vet school he attended for information. He said go home, bring your cat tomorrow for bloodwork. It scared me pretty bad. That night in my prayers I asked God to heal my cat. The next day, the vet could find nothing wrong with the cat. He was scratching his heat and saying I know what I saw yesterday. I told him what I happened. He even wrote it in the medical records of my cat. So don't ever lose hope. We are believing with you for your cat to recover.
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