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cat likes water

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I got my cat Mamba over a year ago. She was found in a box in the rain with her newborn siblings. I have no idea what breed she is. Her fur is black with a white line going from her nose down her entire belly. It looks like she is wearing a tuxedo. The weirdest thing about her is that she loves water. She loves to get drenched in the sink and bathtub.

Does anyone have any idea what breed she might be? Is there a rare breed of cat that adores running water?
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The "breed" would be Domestic [fill in the blank] Hair, where blank = Short, Medium, or Long; abbreviated DSH, DMH, or DLH if you have to fill out a form about your cat somewhere.

As far as the color and pattern, based on your description you have a black tuxedo cat. Here's a thread: Tuxedo Cats
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I had a black and white tuxedo cat who loved to sleep in the bathroom sink. He would stay there and never move if someone came in and washed their hands. Also on several occasions, he got in the shower with me. He stood on the edge of the sink or bathtub and drank water from the faucet. He had a fascination with water.
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I have one cat that is insanley intrigued by water, but none of the three likes to even touch water; except when they drink it. Some cats just tend to like water, I guess.
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A lot of Bengals like water; our two Bengals like playing in the tub occasionally. We fill the tub with an inch or two of water, scatter various toys about, and let 'em at it!
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There is a breed called a Turkish Van - known as the dog in a cat's body! - that LOVE water. Turkish Vans, however, are white and ginger.

You're kitty is certainly a black tuxedo who just likes water!! My little Sashka (Russian Blue) is obsessed with water but not to get wet - just to observe...it's really cute!!
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thanks for the link! i found a cat that looked just like my mamba (the stripe is a little more symmetrical than her's) before she got chubby.
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When I was a kid, I had to make sure the bathroom door was completely closed because my cat would nudge open the door and then jump in the tub with me. It was sooo funny!

I've had other cats the would perch on the edge of the tub just observing. Sometimes they would slip and fall in, and then they would give me a dirty look as if I pushed them
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