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Our D.T. for Monday

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Ahh...the beginning of another work week. Why is it the weekends go so fast?!?

Things are quiet here. A typical monday, trying to get all my radio friends on the phone. I won't be in the office thursday or friday so I've gotta get all my work done.

Dawn, how was the weekend? I'd love to hear more about the retreat than the food

Jin, are you feeling any better? hopefully you've finally kicked the bug.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and stressfree monday
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Man is there a full moon or something? All of my clients are nuts today. Very aggressive, nasty, mean & yes sometimes stupid. I just spend the last 25 minutes trying to get this person to figure out the hrs and earnings that they worked in the last 4 wks - it shouldn't take that long to figure it out. Urgh. One of our clients was so nasty he made my co-worker cry. There are times when my job is very difficult - today is one of those day.
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from damage control as I have a big math final this week. Will be studying for it until Thursday night when it takes place. I cringe even thinking about it. The animals are finally settling down though there are high wind warnings in place for today as well, a new storm is going to blow through later this afternoon. Most of the large limbs and stumps have been removed though so hopefully we will be safe. Mike is designing a new sword that is pretty awesome, made from Damascus steel and we will put it on our table at the next knife show. Inside the sword's handle is another miniature knife, so he is hoping it catches the eye of someone who will just have to have it!

hope all is peaceful for you and yours
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Hissy - does he show his knives & swords at Renaisance Fairs?
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Oh... Ron's awake again, just when I thought I'd sneak in and post some He's still mumbling, but if I don't nurse him soon, he'll be crying.

He is a lovely baby and is growing by the day but he needs to eat all the time. Well... at least I'm losing weight in the process!

Gotta go now. Check out his website for some new pics - www.gosite.co.il/ron

Hissy - best of luck with your test! Gotta go now...
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He is so big! and sooooo cute! He looks like such a mellow baby. But of course looks can be deceiving!

Is that your mom in the photos with him?
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So nice to see you, even though it was just for a moment. And adymarie, we have never shown our knives at a Renaissance Fair, though there is always a first time. We are planning next year to go to the Las Vegas Show, a very big deal, we have been on the waiting list for a table for 3 years.
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Love the new pics of Ron - he's going to be a real heartbreaker when he grows up.

Hissy - Ren faires will be a great place for his knives. Rennies are always looking for quality hand work with an authentic feel. When is the one in Vegas - maybe I'll come down!
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Anne!! Great to see you had a second to post I know the feeling, I nursed both of my children. I learned to eat very fast, so I could actually get a meal into me before the baby needed to be nursed! :tounge2: I'm heading over to your site now to see new pics of cutie patootie Ron I'm so happy things are going so well for you :rainbow:

MA- the sword sounds beautiful, I'd love to see a pic of it! Good luck on your test from me as well

My day has been pretty boring so far..housework and playing Nintendo with my little guy..hes beating me and hes only 4!!! :laughing: I have a ton of laundry waiting for me..I think I hear it calling..

Have a great day everyone
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The show is Feb. 2-4 we are looking forward to it a lot! Anne I finally got your page to load and Ron is so cute! He is getting so big now. How are you feeling? I hope you are not feeling so tired these days.
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Can you tell I'm a rennie?
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Ady, I've been to a couple and I really enjoyed myself. I'm hoping to catch at least one this summer. They are a lot of fun.
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Mike's specialty is making knives from scratch from designs that other people want. Perhaps someday we could be of service to you?
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Well, the S/O is doing MUCH better today, he's even talking! I'm doing about the same. We're both at work today though, so that's an improvement! Thanks for asking, AP.

Nothing special going on, we're just trying to sort out the mess I have going now that S/O is back and actually KNOWS what's going on. So far he's kept in mind the fact that without me the business would have been shut down for a week, so he better be nice! Actually things aren't that bad... I took lots and lots of notes, so it's easy to see what I did and why and for whom and when stuff that was ordered is supposed to be in and who it was ordered from.

Anne, good to see you running around the board! I remember how it is to have a little one demanding attention. It's hard to find a moment to yourself! But it's all worth it in the long run.

Hissy, I would love to see the knives! That sounds like something my S/O would really like. Oh, and good luck on the math final!

Ady ~ don't you hate it when it seems like everyone is grumpy? Ugh! And all you can do is smile back and try to be polite!

I hope everyone has a good day!
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Well, it's going to be a long day here. Adam has a cold, although yesterday he was much worse, he's still feeling yucky. That makes for one happy kid. Also, I woke up with a cold this morning, so I guess it's making its rounds. Hopefully hubby won't catch it because he has his competition on Saturday. He's been training for a long time for this one, and I'd hate for him to be sick.

We did go out this morning looking at hamster stuff. My daughter has started begging for a hamster, so Doug and I told her we'd think about it. Looks like it'll cost about $50 to get set up, so that will require some thought.

The retreat was great fun this weekend. It was very romantic. They valet parked our car when we got there and carried our luggage to our room. There were rose petals strewn on the floor leading towards the bed where there were mints on the pillow. There were scented candles, and best of all, NO TV!!! The seminar sessions were interesting and we weren't shocked about anything we found out about each other, so that was good. We even had to talk about our sex lives (not in front of the others), and this was a Baptist retreat! We had quite a bit of free time together, so Doug and I went paddle boating on the lake and canoeing too. That was really nice. We sat out on the lake for a long time just listening to the peace and quiet. We don't get that very much at home.

Anne, it's great to see you, even for a minute. The pictures of baby Ron are so cute.

Hissy, I hope your test goes well. I know how difficult math can be.
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Jin, where do you guys work? Glad to hear that your health is improving!

Dawn, that sounds WONDERFUL! I would love a get away like that. I think it's so great to do things like that for yourself and your relationship.
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I am such a Grapefruit Seed Extract convert, been taking the liquid once a day for over 2 years and haven't had a cold, bronchitus, or pleurisy, something I used to get every year. You might check it out, it is well worth the investment though the stuff is really bitter tasting.

The retreat sounds like it was wonderful, and if fixed any flats in the marriage, than all the better!

ady and Jin here is our website, if you like it, thank Anne she designed it! She did an amazing job! Thanks again Anne!M & M Kustom Krafts
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Great crafting Mary Anne! I loved the web site. I would love a hand crafted knife - it would be difficult to get it over the border though.

AP - I go to one in Ontario every year. When I was at university I was part of the ren culture - we made our own chain mail and everthing.

Jin - at least I deal only with clients on the phone. I can put them on hold & swear if I want to.
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AP ~ the S/O and his business partner own a 4x4 shop that centers mainly around custom fabrication and hard to find parts for Jeeps and other 4 wheel drive vehicles. It's quite the business!

Lucky you, Ady! I can put the customers on the phone on hold, but can't do that very well with the walk in ones! (Maybe it's worth a try, though!)

Great site, Hissy. Anne did a terrific job setting it up. I'm going to show it to the S/O because I know he'll love it!

Dawn, we're just getting over that crud. I'm going to try to find the grapefruit seed extract Hissy keeps recommending. Heck, it's worth a try!!
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Having a terrible day. Both kids are sick, which makes for a horrible time. My son has had a fever since Saturday, I took him to the doctor today and he has Parainfluenza. Basically, the flu for kids. But since he has asthma, I have to be careful that it doesn't go to pneumonia. So he is on his inhalers and in bed. Then we have Davina........she has croup. For all you mommies out there, you know that croup is probably one of the scariest things your kid can get. She has a high temp, and is coughing. It sounds like a dog barking. Poor little thing, my heart is breaking for her. The doc put her on an anti-inflammatory to help her with the coughing, but I feel so bad for her.

Ohhhhhhhh, this always happens on school vacation week. WHY????????????????????
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