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Little Wyatt in New York!

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Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly and I am new to this site! I am a member of a yorkie site since I have 2 yorkies (Simon and Hallie)

I am fostering a little tabby named Wyatt! He was abandoned at the local ER clinic with severe eye problems. He lost one eye and the other is about 50%! He was staying with my vet but I thought he may be more comfortable here with me and my babies! He is so sweet, 5 months old, neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and was thoroughly tested at the clinic. His eyes pose no residual problems in the future!

I am allergic to cats and therefore cannot keep him with us. He gets along so well with my dogs and from what the vet told me with other cats and children as well. I have enlisted the help of all of my friends and neighbors to find this little sweetie a forever home!
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Welcome to TCS and well done for trying to help this little guy, especially since he has problems. I have no specific advice as I live far away, but I wish you the best of luck in finding him a home.
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Thank you so much! Last night was so sweet! My Simon (a 5 pound yorkie) is absolutely in love with Wyatt! They snuggled all night long, it was so cute! He is going to be heartbroken when Wyatt goes to his forever home ;( Both of my dogs are rescues so I think they realize they all have that in common!
I am learning so much about cats from this site and it is very helpful! Thank you to you all! Kimberly (Simon, Hallie, and Wyatt)
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If you have allergies, you can try keeping Wyatt out of your bedroom. Also wash your hands after you pet him. This helps limit the amount of allergens you are exposed to. Also, there is a product sold at the pet stores that may help.

How nice that he is getting along with the dogs so well. You are a good person to take him in, so he can be loved in a home environment.
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Rescued Wyatt wasn't sure how to post pictures of Wyatt so I am posting them for her. I am working on resizing them first (not sure how) and will have them up in a bit.
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Alright, here he is guys!

Isn't he a cutey!
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Oh, he is DARLING!! Bless you for taking him into a comfortable home environment where he can receive snuggles and love from you and your sweet dog, Simon.
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Oh he is a cutie. and THANK you very much for taking care of this little guy.

I will ask around. Im in upstate NY near Canada. Right now most of the organizations i volenteer for are struggling with their current volume of kittens. If you are truely dead set against keeping him, ask your vet or local shelter for any second chance shelters nearby for assitance.
however your allergies are easliy overcome unless they are sever. Many of us here live with our allergies for the companionship these cat give us. I suspect that the longer it takes to find him a home, the more likely he has already found his forever home ive had many cats that started out that way.

I will look and ask around. ill PM you or post here to let you know.

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I am allergic to cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never give them up though!!!!!!!!!Wyatt is a cutie pie!!!!!!!! Someone in NY please give him a good home! PLEASE!
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Originally Posted by chichismom
I am allergic to cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never give them up though!!!!!!!!!Wyatt is a cutie pie!!!!!!!! Someone in NY please give him a good home! PLEASE!

Any luck? I am cannot find a home for him from my asking.
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Is Wyatt still up for adoption? I live in Queens, NY and I would be interested in adopting Wyatt. I have 5 cats...2 with 1 eye and antoher cat that is almost totally blind. My other 2 cats have no visual handicaps. All 5 of my cats are rescues from the streets of Queens. I also am an asthmatic. Cats don't trigger my asthma...other things do. Kimberly; if you really love this little darling and he already gets along with the dogs....try to keep him. There are things you can do to control your allergy symptoms. I control the cat hair with consistant cleaning. I clean, clean, clean to keep the cat dander down. If you feel you cannot keep me. You can send a private message to me thru the forum
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Bless you, Churchbug. :-)
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the original posting is 2 months old...maybe Kimberly decided to keep the cat or it has been adopted by someone else...I'll just have to wait and see if she contacts me. I did send a private message to her.
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hopefully if the baby hasn't already find a home, you will get him!
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I don't know if she visits this site anymore.

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As long as Wyatt has a good, loving responsible home I'll be happy. I have had no response from Kimberly and I hope she decided to keep the cat. She seemed to really love him and so did her dogs.
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