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Good quality canned food in the UK?

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On-line? Can anyone recommend any that they have found? I have been looking and looking for Wellness, Innova, Natures Variety etc, and cannot find anything!! Are these only available in the US?!

We don't seem to take cat nutrition very seriously here in the UK

Things I can get here are Science Plan, Royal Canin, Nutro, James Wellbeloved, Iams, Eukanuba, but none are wet food.

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I am the UK too, and I have had this prob. However, someone on another cat forum told me about HiLife food. I have never fed it as a main diet food as it is a complementary food, but have been told as long as they get complete biscuits with it, it is fine. Ingredients for the Chicken and Giblets (nearest to me) are: Chicken and Giblets (in variable proportions, min 60%), Jelly. The fish varieties have a touch of glucose in them as well. They also do pates, that are complete food, and can be used for weaning kittens. They do a complete dry food that has a meat content of 26% and the meat is organic chicken. The combination has gone down very well with my very picky female.You can go on their website, type in your postcode, and find out which supermarkets do which varieties, and also if there are any independent pet shops near you that sell them.
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I'm not from the UK, but I've heard on other forums that James Wellbeloved is good...

Good luck!

Edit: Oops I just saw that you said James Wellbeloved doesn't have wet food! Sorry! My comment is useless now lol.
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I am also in the Uk. Hill Science plan and Iams also do wet/canned food. They are available in Pets at Home stores, also your local pet shop can order these for you.
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I don't like the ingredients in dry Hills, nor would I use Iams, so wouldn't use either of them in wet form. Gourmet food doesn't generally have a higher meat content than Whiskas etc, despite charging you almost double the price!! Same goes for Felix As Good as it Looks.
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Innova and California Natural are no longer available in the EU, due to some stupid customs regulations, and I've never come across Wellness here, either. If I'm not mistaken, Nature's Variety is sold under the name "Prairie". You should be able to get Nutro, Felidae, Solid Gold, and Eagle Pack in the UK, but you'll have to Google. I can get those brands in Germany without much trouble. Generally, there's a greater variety of dry food.
One European (Italian) canned food I can recommend is "almo nature", which is available in the UK, but not everywhere.

This link might help you: http://mm-food.co.uk/felidae+cat+food.htm
Scroll down for other links.
You could do a product search here: http://www.shopperuk.com/pets-and-animals/pet-food/
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Thanks guys - at least now I know which brands are available here, I can concentrate my search!

I have seen HiLife wet food - I will check this brand out..

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Hi-Life is good because my two have it, but their favourite at the moment is Marks and Spencers "Luxury" cat food.

They do it in Pilchard, Tuna, Mackeral and Pilchard and Crab with i think Sardine?, and their all in a lobster jelly.

A bit more expensive than most cat foods but it is worth it
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You should be able to buy Specific.

Ingredients in SPECIFICâ„¢ FXW Physio
Pork, beef, fish, eggs, vitamin mix, seeds (plantago psyllium husk), powdered cellulose, minerals. It contains no artificial antioxidants, synthetic dyes or flavouring.

There's more information at: http://www.specific-diets.com/Default.aspx?ID=2377
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