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Do you ever fill guilty when you move something in your house

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Do you ever fill guilty when you move something in your house and your cats or dogs notice something differen't?

I'm just curious my husband moved the living room around today we always do that in the fall and we moved the cats condo in front of the window and it was by the dining room table well a little while ago it was snack time for the furbabbies and oscar was waiting on the table with cricket and bonk bonk and cricket always jumps on the condo for her snack and sometimes oscar will jump on the condo Well all of a sudden cricket just starred like she was in shock and then oscar began to stare well there little sad eyes just broke my heart They look so sad but bonk bonk shes bonkers so it dont matter to her anyway.
So now im thinking i should move evrything back cause i fill so sad for moving the furniture anyway. Does this ever happen to any of you cat people? If so how do you handle this I hope you guys don't think this is a dumb question but siance everyone here is cat lovers or dog lovers i thought i would ask

PS maybe the cats run the house after all
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Not a stupid question. We moved to this house at the end of December and got Abby the middle of January. There were boxes EVERYWHERE. There was a certain stack she actually liked to lay on.... I felt bad when I took them away. I was also rearranging the furniture in the living room at least once a month until I found out how I like it. It was stressful for her - not only was she trying to get used to her new home, it kept changing on her. Things are mostly in place now, with me only moving things occasionally. There are a few thing of "hers" that I wouldn't move at this point.

Personally, I think once they get used to the cat condos in front of the windows, they will like it! What cat doesn't like looking outside?
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I think having the condo by the window sounds great - cats love to look out the window. We're always changing things here, getting in new stuff, getting rid of old junk etc. The cats are stimulated by the changes, gives them a little excitement in their day!
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Not something we can do with a vision impaired cat, rearranging that is.

If large objects even come into the house, the birds will yell at scream about it until it is out of their sight.
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Mine have never appeared to care. But the cats' favorite spot is the window in the stairway, and I haven't figured out how to move that yet! ;-)
The dogs, I don't think they even notice.

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I tend to move things around every once in a while. The cats seem to be disappointed in my desicion, so I end up moving it back
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so far there ok i did put a TV table next to the dining table so cricket could sit there and she jumped up there while we were eating dinner so she looks happy and bonk bonk jump up on the condo and then ran cricket off the top tonite
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About a month ago we moved the dog kennels out of the house. The dogs were confused, but they have the run of the house now anyway and didn't use their kennels much - they took up most of the back porch!

Today we bought cabinets for the porch. Any remnants of the "dog room" are now gone. The cats are ecstatic cause they now have a 10 foot shelf in front of the 3 windows out there. The dogs are VERY confused right now.

No guilt at all - the dogs have taken over the sofa and recliners of late and we sit on the floor!
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Nah, it never seemed to matter to any of my cats where something is in the house - it gives them soemthing new to explore and climb on
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I`m not for moving my stuff around too much anyhow....but I did have to move a few things temporarily last week when i was washing windows and curtains....and the cats LOVED it. (Not really too much help with those jobs....but they certainly DID TRY!)
Their kitty perch is in the front window...and I would`nt move it from there except to clean...they`d miss their spot where they watch the outside world go by. (Don`t know WHERE I`m going to put the Christmas tree this year though (First year with the cats) Maybe I`ll have to hang it from the ceiling like someone suggested! :-)
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In my experience the cats love to help me move! They climb on everything and get under whatever they can, or sit and supervise. It happens when I have a deep cleaning day and move all hte furniture and rugs to one end of the room. But I am a bit worried about what will happen when we actually move - the smells will be so different for one thing.
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