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Outdoor Feral Cats

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I took some pics of a few feral cats that hang around the shelter today, in the memory garden (where any animal who dies in our care is buried)

Some came quite close, thinking I had brought more food

Funny Face

A 3 legged feral we let out because he just hated being in.. cant remember his name :P


Waiting for more food??

Here's some I took elsewhere.. by the greenhouse.. the cats took over lol

A very rare shot of Ulysses, a super feral cat lol

Funny Face sunbathing

Here's Monty, a past feral.. he was still very grouchy until Whiskeycat died, and now he is the most affectionate cat there is.. its almost scary.

Hope you liked
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What beautiful cats! Boy, they sure do look healthy for being outside ferals.
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Well it is always great fun when one needs a vet visit
A trap wont work as there is too many cats around, we have to try manually catch them.. the greenhouse is our best bet :P
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They are gorgeous. I want the big black one.
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For how many cats do you take care and feed them?
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Well there are at least 20 feral shelter cats that live in the cat cabin and hunt but we still feed them..
Then there are about 20-30 again outdoor/indoor and semi tame-very tame cats.
Then a room with adoptable cats, there are about 15 of them at the moment. A few of those are also feral, and we are just socialising them as much as possible right now until we 'release' them out with the feral cat colony.
I have pics of them too..
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Wow! Good on you for looking after all those cats! Love the greenhouse!
I think Monty is my fave, he looks like a good cuddle.
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Abbey their all gorgeous! They really must love their greenhouse for the warmth
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What beautiful cats, and what a wonderful place for them! Love the greenhouse!
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They are beautiful, their so cute in the greenhouse.
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there all so beauiful i like the green house where there all laid back on
thanks for sharing
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Mmmm.. I like Ulysses and Monty! Funny Face looks darn cute too Good job taking care of all these ferals. How much do you spend on food for them weekly?
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No idea I just work in the yards with the animals, the boss takes care of finances. A lot of food is donated but we order some in too to ensure there is always some available.
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They're so precious! It's so sweet of you to take care of them as much as you can. The first one looks like a feral cat that used to come around here.
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Monty is my favorite. He looks like he would be a good lap cat!
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Oh...they are all wonderful, beautiful cats. Thanks so much for sharing their pictures.
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I love these pictures. The greenhouse is an awsome place for so many cats.
Monte looks like a big purr baby. So does Funny Face. Neat!
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Lovely pics!
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Such beautiful kitties you have there! They do look very healthy and well fed. I just love Orion, he's so handsome and Monty too! I would to have them all.
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Funny Face is really cute! I love the big orange guy!
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Those are wonderful pics!!, thanks so much for showing them!!, that greenhouse is an excellent idea
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Originally Posted by awliston
Monty is my favorite. He looks like he would be a good lap cat!
He is more of a shoulder cat

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Are they confined in their outdoor area, or can they come and go? And how big is their space outside? DH and I talked about putting up a permanent shelter/enclosure for ferals, but he thinks it would be wrong to keep them penned up.
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They have free run of all the surrounding fields, as far as they ever want to go. The road is a country road and not very traffic heavy at all.
They stay around because there is a 'porta-cabin' (christened the cat cabin)out back behind the paddock, filled with couches, armchairs, duvets, cat trees and food, so they know that they have a warm place with food and water around. Some of the cats have just wandered their way here and our only contact is to feed them, some were dumped on the road and integrated themselves with the group, and some are ones we released to join the colony after neutering, because they were just miserable inside the cat room, and were always terrified during cleaning etc.
Some do wander into the house as well, Little Hissy & Wesley come in occasionally, they are semi feral, it depends on their mood
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Awwwwww would you look at Monty on your shoulder!. Bless him
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Wow they are all so beautyful - thanks for beeing so good to them - I guess they do have the "luck of the Irish" LOL
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I just found some pics of little Hissy and Wesley..

Wesley watching me working with the dogs..


Hissy wondering if she wants to come and say hello or not

Maybe I have food

Meowing loudly as usual
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They're all so gorgeous!
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