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Cat came knockin on my door......

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A guy knocked on my door about 45 minutes ago and asked if I had lost my cat. He was carrying this beautiful cat on his shoulders. I told him that CJ was safe and sound. He said that he had ordered a pizza and when he opened his door the cat ran inside. He said that his girlfriend is allergic to cats so he didnt know what to do with it. He called the owners of our complex, and they said to knock around and see if anyonle lost it, if not, call them and they would "take care of it." Well I said I would be more than happy to help him look around. We knocked on some doors but no one claimed the cat.

The poor guy just wanted to go watch the game and eat his pizza so I told him not to call the owners because I would keep looking. (I dont like the way they would take care of it sounds) So the last door I knocked on the lady said it looked like the cat that kept meowing at her window. This made me wonder if this is the little stray I keep hearing about but have never seen. I am going to make fliers and put on peoples doors, but for now she is in my bathroom and CJ is confused. She is smaller than cj, so I am guessing under a year old. She looks healthy, she isnt really skinny, but she isnt declawed either, which the cats that live here are supposed to (cjs not). She freaks out a bit at being picked up and climbs immediatly to your shoulders, but she calmed down once she got inside.

I am going to take her to the vet to see if she is sick or pregnant or anything. If she is pregnant I dont know what Iwill do, my apartment is pretty small. I am hoping she belongs to someone, but something tells me she is the stray that I have been feeding. I put down food and water and she didnt touch either. I made a make shift liter pan out of a dish pan that I use to store plastic containers. I have been saying for awhile now I would like another cat, but I am not going to go out of my way to find one.

I will post pics when I get some, but is there anything else you guys would do?
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Sounds like you got it covered.
You did`nt have to "go looking" for this maybe this is THE ONE for you.
I`m glad you are not letting it near your kitty till you have this one see the vet.
Be sure to post pics.....sounds your kitty will soon have a best buddy to play with.
:-) Linda
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Sounds like you have everything covered.
Be sure you ask the vet to scan her for a chip just in case.
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I am still going back on whether or not this is a pet. Her ears are very clean, her eyes are very bright, and when I went in there she started purring and loving on me and wanted to play, so she has no problem with humans. She tried to run out and I picked her up and she didnt freak out. When she was outside she was meowing like she was stressed, and I am thinking maybe its because she had never been outside before, because she is quiet inside. I put her in cj's carrier outside before I brought her in to keep any cat fights or contact at bay. She didnt freak out, and she behaved in the carrier. Maybe someone is looking for her? I took pictures and I am going to have them developed and make fliers.
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I am so glad this little cat found you. Good luck with it.
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The flyers are a great idea...make sure to use a clear photo & be as descriptive as possible. You can post them around the neighborhood & also at nearby pet supply stores & vet clinics. Also, when you take her to the vet, make sure they test her for FIV & Feline Leukemia.
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okay so we just got back from the animal hospital. There is no chip, but it is a girl, between 1-2 years old. Not any illness as far as they could tell, no earmites or anything like that, but they said its still a good idea to keep them seperated (I would anyway until it was time to properly introduce them). So now its just finding the owner.
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You seem to have everything under control. I'm so glad the little kitty found you. My hubby and I rescued a persian kitten a couple of years ago. We had every intention of finding her a home. Well, the cats gaurdian angel had other plans for her. Yes, she is a part of the family now.
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She is the confirmed stray that I have been feeding (its in another post). She is such a lover, its hard to imagine that quality and her living in the wild.... but thats not the point. Is there a way to tell if she has been fixed? I know generally with TNR they will nip an ear, but both her ears are intact. I was just wondering if this is something they figure out when they go to fix her again, or what?
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Originally Posted by Roxy_loves_CJ
I have been saying for awhile now I would like another cat, but I am not going to go out of my way to find one.
LOL. Who doesn't?

Oh, and my vet can tell by palpitating if there's a scar inside (i.e. spay scar.)
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Well I felt bad calling her little girl all the time, so for now she is lucy. She is such a sweet girl, lovey and quiet. She is pretty jumpy though, I am assuming from being outside and being someplace new. She loves to play, and ate an entire 6 oz can of food and all the dry food I put out for her yesterday, as well as drank all her water, so she must have been famished.

She has been using her litter box very well, and I need to change it (I admit I didnt put much litter in it at first). No blood in urine, and she is giving normal size poo, so for now until Monday I am assuming everything is alright in that dept.

Monday I am going to take her in and have them give her a good once over, double checking for a chip, finding out if she is pregnant, if she is spayed, checked for worms, and anything else that would be a threat to CJ.

He is my baby, so of course his health is most important to me right now. I am kinda wondering if she wasnt left here when someone moved out. I mean she is tame, housetrained, although she does need her nails trimmed.

I guess food is going to get more expensive, but maybe she will eat canned food, instead of the packets only that Cj eats (he likes the gravy, not the patte type food). The cans are a bit cheaper than the nutro natural packets he eats now. He is on royal canin adult fit 32 so she is too, but I am thinking of mixing that with some nutro natural dry because I think I want to switch them both to that.

Still havent heard anything from the fliers yet though.
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Well its been three days now and no one has claimed this little beauty and my Mom stopped by last night to try to be the words of wisdom to tell me what I should do. The conversation went like this: Hello CJ do you have a new girlfriend? Meee-ow. You do? Well where is she? brrrrrrrreeeeeep. Mom opens door to new little girl. Emily she is beautiful. I can tell her and CJ are going to be best buddies. Well I guess you need to get her a proper litter box. end of conversation. So guess what guys? Keep a watch out in fur pics to see the introduction of my little girl! I am going to finish out the week looking for her family, but after that I am going to get her a litter box and get her totally settled in.

I mean with all the fliers and posters I have put up, NO ONE has even called. Not a soul. I tell everyone I see about her, no one knows who she belongs to. If it was CJ I would be almost to the point of panic trying to locate him. I have called the shelter and a bunch of local vets and brought them pics to see if they might know her family. No luck. I think someone moved out and didnt want to pay the pet deposit to wherever they were going and just left her here. Its okay though, she will always have a home with me if she needs it.
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Sounds like she's got it!
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Well... I dont know if anyone is reading this, but another update on the little girl. Today I went to petsmart and bought some food, and was going to buy a litter box but they were out of the booda dome I wanted. BTW Nutro Natural packets now come in an indoor formula, so we are going to try those. At petco I found natural balance food and bought a bag of it as well as a couple of cans. I am weird I love cat food! (not for me!) The cans werent a big hit, but I digress.......

So I went up the street to petco and they had one so I now have his and hers booda domes (too cute!) I got home and put her old litter in her new box and left her old empty dishpan beside it. I made sure she was watching me and I put her in her new box when I was done. I was going to put it back in the bathroom but I got distracted and forgot. Well I was in there and she came in and peed on the rug where her old box was. She ran off like I was going to be mad, but I really couldnt be because she forgot we switched boxes and it was my fault for not putting it where her old one was. So its 1130 at night and I am mopping the bathroom floor and doing laundry. Oh well.
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Poor thing!!! Both you and her!!!

It sounds like its going to be happy families for you and Cj!!!

Congrats on your new baby girl!!
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What a story, I think that she was meant for you and CJ!! Congrats on the new addition to your family! I can not wait to see pictures.
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I'm so happy you've adopted her! Now you need to add her to your siggy! She really is just too cute!
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Some cats are just meant to be. It seems pretty obvious that this little girl was meant to be yours.
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I am still trying to find her family, although at this point I am planning on keeping her. I just would feel terrible if I didnt make an honest to God effort to find her real family. I have done my best and no one has come foward.

How much longer before I take her in and have her micro chipped as mine? I dont want to jump the gun, but CJ can open the front door if I forget to lock it, and I would hate for her to get out and be lost again.
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I'd say she is yours now.

I thought Sam was missing once, and within 30 minutes, the neighbours and the guy who was working painting the building next door all knew about it. I can't imagine someone having a cat missing for this long without alerting the entire neighbourhood.

It is possible that someone moved away, and she escaped and came back to her old home. But if you have been feeding her as a stray for a while before you caught her, she's been missing for a long time now.

She must have been desperate for a home, if she ran into that guy's place when he just opened the door.
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