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I Am Sam

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Will somebody please go see this movie so we can discuss it? I laughed, I cried, I couldn't keep track of all the great actors and performances.

Sean Penn made Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man practically look like an amateur!
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I'm considering enlisting hubby to go with me next weekend to see it. Now that you've given it a good review I'll definitely make sure to see it I love movies like this one.
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uhm, hello ?! i SAW IT !

i put it in the alphabetical thread in the beginning when we were doing movies...

i loved it, i've seen it twice.

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I'm very leary of this movie. It looks like a tearjerker to me. I tend to stay away from movies like that. There are certain things I have trouble with. Couldn't watch stepmom and beaches made me cry sooooo hard, and I'll never watch it again.

The whole parental bonding thing is just too difficult of a subject for me. Any way, that's just MY baggage, and because of that, I probably will miss out in a great movie.
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Ok, Blue, start discussing! I was amazed at the variety of actors. That one friend of Sam's was played by the same guy who played the prison guard, Percy, in The Green Mile. (can't think of his name). I thought I'd never see that guy in a role I could like after Percy.

I especially liked how a lot of humor was woven throughout the story. Sometimes I had tears in my eyes, but I was laughing at the same time.
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I loved that movie. It was so sad.
I can't believe what a good actor Sean Penn was in that movie. He played the part excellently! No one could have done it better. I felt bad for his daughter that she had to go and live with foster parents when she really needed her Daddy.
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I am really looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes to my town! We only have one theater here, and it plays one movie at a time, so we miss alot of them. I will look for it, though! It sounds really good!
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