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when do kittens go on solids??

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hi catie peeps,

just wondering when kittens are suppoed to be weined onto kitten foods.

also whats the best foods to introduce them too , thanks in advance

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Deb the makers of KMR Hartz Pet Products also makes a weaning formula called In-Between- I start using that about 6 weeks for the litter. I do not push the solids, they will go to them in time. You want to get some quality canned kitten food (I use IAMS) and some good kitty chow- I use Royal Canin BabyCat34 You want to offer the food in a mushy form, either mixed with KMR or the weaning formula, or just warm water. I put the food in small jar lids. I put a tiny bit of food on the kitty's front paw and a dot on the tip of the nose. They generally will take to it pretty much right away, but if they don't I don't force them. Some are ready before others are.
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Hi Deb, welcome to TCS. This link will give you some tips on how to get weaning kittens onto solids: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/weaning.html
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The Royal Canin BabyCat34 is a big hit with my 5 week old babies and I am normally NOT one to endorse ~any~ certain brands. But since RC is a Site sponsor, I thought I would give it a try and I am glad I did. I like the smaller biscuits (my babies still like to sample the litter so I thought the smaller biscuits would be perfect and they were!) and the babies were happily munching on it as soon as I put the bowl down for them

As for wet food, I have every kitten food brand known to man (nearly $100 later) and so far, in my house, Science Diet kitten mixed with a little chicken meat human baby food is going over really well.
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hi and thanks for all your advise, is chiken ok as its what they stole from me while we was having some dinner. also will be giving them wiskers kitten canned food ,is this ok to start now? with chicken? and can they have cattie milk yet?

thanks ,
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Deb, they're probably a bit young for cat milk as it will most likely give them diahorrea. Whiskers kitten canned is OK but go for a more premium brand such as Whiskers Advance Kitten, Royal Canin or Eukanuba if you can afford it. Boiled, plain chicken cut into tiny pieces is fine for kittens but not full of vitamins and minerals like the cans or kibble so only give them a small amount.
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