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Worried about first cat

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Hi! I'm new here and wondered if you guys could help.

I've had Morgan for about 2 yrs now. I just moved into my own place about 3 months ago, and Morgan adapted very well. I thought that since she was on her own for most of the day, I'd adopt another cat.

So three days ago I looked at cats from my shelter. I picked one out, and went hme to get my carrier. Needless to say, I reeked of "other cat." Morgan took a sniff of me, flattened her ears, and hissed at me.

I brought the new cat home, isolated him, and rubbed him with a towel, which i place outside the isolation room to help Morgan get use dto his scent. He got out, went up to Morgan, and of course more hissing on her part ensued.

What worries me the most is she hisses at me if I smell like the new cat. I know its only been three days, but I am worried about Morgan's mental health, if I am causing her undue stress. I hate keeping the new cat isolated, but its for his own good.

Anyone have any pointers? I know introducing cats is probably a hot topic on here, I've just never seen a cat react as bad as Morgan. I'm actually a it scared of her when she hisses at me.

If I don't smell like the new cat, she's good,.....just cries alot

SOrry about the long first post!!
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Thus happens in every situation, bringing animals who are complete strangers will always bring aggravation between them. It's territorial instinct.

The only true advice I can give is DONT RUSH. It may take 3 days, it may take 2 weeks.

The cat will come out when it's ready. Leave it in it's private little area with it's food and litter box close by and it will eventually liven up and come out.

A cat's curiosity almost always outways its aggravation.

I brought home a 1 year old asian leopard hybrid into a house with a 1 year old snow snoe. It was a horrible first week. 2nd week came around and the growling and aggravation turned into playing and grooming as if they were best friends since birth. It just takes time.
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Very good is having them in different rooms, with the door open and a grating/bars in between.

If you find mobile gratins somewhere - there should be such.
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a grate...thats a really good idea...let morgan sniff the new one.

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Hello from you know who! Congrats on the new kitty btw.

Everything sounds normal so far. I would say try not to let your new little boy out yet, since it's only been a short time. Keep doing the towel thing, and you might want to try dabbing some vanilla extract on each cat. If you search the boards you can find out the exact locations to apply the vanilla. I know one is the base of the tail. Hopefully someone else can post where else to put it. The point is that it makes the animals scent neutral to each other. Let the cats sniff at eachother from under the door for a while, and be sure to spend a lot of time with Morgan. The hissing will stop once she adjusts.

Alex did the same thing to me once when I brought Cleo home from a trip to the vet. We left Alex home, and the scent of the vets office on Cleo and me made him hiss like crazy at both of us. He got over it in a few days and was back to normal.

Patience is the key, and Morgan is responding like a normal cat, so don't worry about her mental health. She's just doing what cats do. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by MusicTeacher
Patience is the key, and Morgan is responding like a normal cat, so don't worry about her mental health. She's just doing what cats do. Good luck!
Agreed, agreed, agreed! My cats have been interacting for over 2 months now, and still fight like the dickens. Granted, it's not as bad as it was at first, and we've done a lot of interactive play with them so they can *tolerate* one another. Napoleon is pretty much a "whatever" cat, and Cassie is extremely moody (typical girl, LOL). But she can tolerate him about 85-90% of the time. the other 10-15%, she will definitely let him know he is NOT WELCOME near her LOL. I think it stresses out the owner more than the cat, since this is normal language between them.

I would say watch out for blood, fur, etc. But that is extremely rare. Just don't rush things and if they can tolerate each other for five minutes, then ten minutes, then 15 minutes, so be it. Good luck!
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I had a similar question and was just told to apply the vanilla on each cats forehead and base of tail - just one dab per cat. Haven't tried it yet.
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Originally Posted by Kathylou
I had a similar question and was just told to apply the vanilla on each cats forehead and base of tail - just one dab per cat. Haven't tried it yet.
I don't know if that has worked for my cats per se, but they do get awfully curious about each other when they are up close and face-to-face. They'll sniff each other...sometimes one smacks the other LOL. But usually they might kiss noses for about 3 full seconds Don't know if it has to do with the vanilla but it might have helped a little. I don't use it anymore and they still act the same. The slapping is what gets me upset though, it's so random between either of them.
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I forgot to mention, if Morgan is hissing at you, you may try engaging her in some interactive play just you and her. Use her favorite toy, something you know she can't resist.

Interactive play between both cats is a good idea when you know they can tolerate each other for short intervals. Try a Cat Dancer. It's only about 3 dollars and my cats go crazy over it.
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Vanilla extract....hmm.. never heard of that. I'll have to try it!
I know it takes time, I've justnever seen a cat react like poor lil Morgan. Today was a bit better, and tonight I'm gonna let the new cat (just named Baba O'Riley) out to see how they are. (Riley's constant LET ME OUT meowing is getting silly....my poor neighbors must think I am torturing cats!)

One funny thing is, after Morg hisses at me....she does this weird clicking noise I have never heard a cat do. Its kinda cute!

Say hi Cleo and Alex ;-)
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Ahhh cat craziness. Morgan now is asserting herself as the Top Cat. When I let Riley near her....the usually hissing ensues. Add to that now, the case. (in a way, good, because she was starting to gain a bit of weight). Riley, however, just wants to play, and doesn't realise that Morgan isn't. He's suprised her a few times.

Only time Morgan really gets super mad is if her goes near her favorite toy or her food.

Still don't trust 'em alone yet....which is great fun at 5am when Riley wants to get out and play!
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As long as they're not drawing blood it's going o.k. I wouldn't leave them alone yet either, but they'll work it out. Can you post pics? I'd love to see them.
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Today was good. I actually forgot both were out.

I got this horrible toy for Morgan. Its a mouse that chirps when touched. Morgie didn't seem to like it much, so I gave it to Riley. He carries it all over the condo. Sooooo annoying! hahahhaa

Then Riley decided Morg was a better toy. He isn't that smart yet ;-)
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