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Omg... I'm Engaged!!!!!

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I'm in a state of shock right now. It's a good thing... I'm engaged!!!!!! Gene proposed to me last night at about 11:30! We had talked about doing it, we even got the ring from my mother (belonged to her mother), but I never saw it before last night. It's a simple gold ring with a diamond on top, engraved with "48911" on the inside (september 11, 1948). We were discussing how I was going to announce the news (we knew we wanted to get married, it was just a question of time) to my dad, seeing as he's the only one of my immediate family that's not "in the loop", and Gene said "thought any more about how you're going to announce it to your dad?"... I told him what I thought, and he made a face "hmmm... Maybe this would help." and he pulled out the ring. My jaw dropped to the floor. We soon realized that neither of us knew what hand the ring was supposed to go on, so we went onto Google and looked it up. Once we figured it out, Gene followed me to the bed, I sat down, he knelt beside me , took my (left) hand and proposed, to which I replied "absolutely!" and we wrapped each other in a hug, and kissed.

I'm... on... a... cloud!
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Congratulations so when is the wedding date???

my engagement went down the drain lol... but im still young
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Congratulations!! Wishing you & fiancee the best!!
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Congratulations! How wonderful!
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That's fantastic news! And I love the little smilie you found to celebrate the occasion.
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COngratulations! MAy you live long and happy.
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Congratlations! It is wonderful that you have a heirloom ring. That is so special.
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Congratulations sweetie!!
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Congratlations and good luck.
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Congrats. What wonderfull news!
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That is wonderful!!!

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Congratulations...I wish you many, many happy years together
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What wonderful news!! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations! I wish you many, many years of happiness .
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats soooo exciting! Best wishes to you both!
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Congratulations! That's so lovely to have a heirloom ring too.
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Awww, how sweet! I hope you live happily ever after!
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Welcome to "the club"! Pretty soon you'll be an old married lady like me! Well, not old, but married!
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Congrats! Treasure this occasion and your wedding ceremony (when it happens). If Gene is the right man for you (hopefully he'll be mr. right for forever), in my opinion this will be some of the happiest times in your life.
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Congratulations!! What an exciting time this is for both of you!
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Congrats! I'm nudging my boyfriend right now.
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Congratulations! To many...MANY years of happiness!!!
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Congratulations! I wish you'll be happy together.
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congrats to you both
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Oh congratulations!!!!!
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How Romantic! Congratulations to you both!
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