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Vaccination question

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I just received my vet reminder that my kitten needs his FVCRP booster. He's already had a uri from the shelter (and given it to my other cat). Since the FVCRP is supposed to prevent uris, do I need to immunize him from something he already has? When my other cat completed his series (which proved to be somewhat ineffective since he developed a uri), he was very lethargic and not feeling so great so I would like to bypass the shots for my kitten if at all possible.
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I would check with your vet, but if your kitten is currently still recovering from a URI, the vet probably won't want to give the shots. Vaccinations are for healthy kitties, and they can make a currently-ill cat worse. Is your cat going to be indoor only? If not, then I would eventually get the vaccines. If so, then it is something to discuss with a vet that you trust. Some people prefer not to vaccinate their indoor only cats. I chose to vaccinate my younger one because she occasionally goes out on a leash and because my living situation may change (we currently live alone, but previously I had a roommate with her own cat). Also, if there is a chance you will need to board your cat (or have a petsitter), some facilities require that the kitty be up-to-date on vaccines.
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There's a common misconception about vaccines -- that they are 100% effective in preventing the illness immunized against. That's not true. The vaccine merely causes the immune system to produce antibodies against the infective agent, so that if the infective agent is contracted in the future, the immune system is already "on guard" against it. It's still possible to come down with the illness, however much less likely than unvaccinated and in any case the illness will be much milder.

As the previous poster said, vaccines should only be given to healthy individuals.
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