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Picking favorites...I shouldn't feel sad but I do. ^^;;

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So we've had the boys for a few weeks now, and they've settled in wonderfully and we're enjoying them very much. The sad part is that they've chosen their favorite human in the house, and it isn't me.

I don't think I've done anything to scare them, they purr when I pet them and don't mind when I pick them up, but the only lap they want to lay on is my fiance's. We take turns feeding them and scooping the box and we share all the other responsibilities. They sleep with us at night and he's the one they want to cuddle.

I love playing with them and watching everything they get into, and I am so happy that we adopted them, but sometimes I'd like to have a lapful of purring kitty, too.

I know it's stilly for me to feel sad about this, but I do. ^^;;
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Don't feel bad I do the same thing when Max picks my boyfried over me occaisionaly! Just shows how much we love em!!
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I'd go get another cat for me.
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Tolly was a real mummy's boy when he first came - he had only known women companions before. Because he was so scared of hubby, we decided that hubby would always give him his freeze dried fish treats. Now he spends many an hour curled up on hubby's lap and sleeps next to him all night. Perhaps making you the treat person for a while will help to even out the attention.
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Mine are fickle. They will be my babies, then suddenly they will only want my s/o. Then they don't want either one of us, then they will only want to be in between us. Silly kitties!
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Awww......Our kittens only been in our loves two weeks but I know what you mean. She seems to pick my husband to cuddle with and hes the one who couldnt care less. lol I want her to pick me to cuddle. Maybe that will change over time. I do all the care so Im hoping eventually she will love on me some more.lol Ill take what I can get and Ive actually thought of ways I could convince my hubby to get another kitten...........hee hee
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My Scarlett wouldn't have anything to do with anyone but my husband for 4 years and in the last few months, decided that I'm just as good as him. She finally splits lap time between the 2 of us.

Cats are wonderful because they do things on their own terms. Yours can and probably will turn around when you least expect it.

And treats help to *bribe* them!!
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Sorry to hear that, it's always hard to predict who they will become special buddies with, but you never know it could change!
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