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Riley fetches! Normal for a cat?

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Riley loves to fetch! He will only do it for pens or spoons or similarly-shaped objects. He watches the movement of a pen when I am writing with it, and if I throw it across the room, he runs to it and picks it up in his mouth and brings it to me, setting it down. Do other cats fetch? I didn't train him to, is it some sort of instinct? How come he does it?
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How precious, little Riley! Serenity has one toy, her very favorite, which she will bring back to me each time I throw it for her!
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My boys both fetch balls and little poofies, but only when they want to. I didn't train them to do it either. Its cute!
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So other cats do that, too then? Heh heh, that is funny that Serenity fetches her favorite toy. And Sandtigress, your cats fetch toys? That is funny, only when they want to....cats have it easy, neh? I always thought fetching was something dogs did...well cats are easier, you don't have to train them to fetch, they just come knowing!
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I sort of trained Monkey to fetch... He started it himself. It's with a toy that used to be a string with a cotton filled sparkly ball on either end, and each had a feather attached to it. It's his favourite toy, and the only one he actually plays with. At this point, it is now a piece of string with a chewed teeny hunk of cotton on one end . I threw it for him once, and he brought it back, so I praised him excessively. I then did this over and over until he got the gist of it, and now he fetches like a champ. It's his favourite game, and I tire of it much more quickly than he does... It's very endearing, and he does it on command, so it's a cool parlour trick when company's over. Everybody finds it so amazing, because no, cats don't usually fetch - especially when you want them to...
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MAx will only fetch my ponytail holders! It's hilarious! I swear he was a hair dresser ina past life!! He will literally try to get it off my wrist! HAHAH And here I thought my cats were the only weird ones!!
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My little boy does it with his stuffed puppy dog.
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Dutchy dogs..Do not LOL
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Persil, Wellington and Ellie all play fetch with stuffed mice and Ellie will do it with a feathered ball. They are so funny when they ask you to play, dropping hte toy at your feet and head butting.
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A cat will do anything if it understands the reasoning and purpose behind the action.

My cats love to fetch. They understand that I get a kick out of it, and as long as they bring the toy back, i'll keep on throwing it over and over until they are wore out. Im pleased by watching them chase and bring it back, while they are pleased at being able to chase the toy. It's a win win situation.
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We have several of our bengals that love to fetch!! Mainly soft puffy balls and little crocheted wreaths that I make. We start teaching the kittens to fetch before they go home and its not hard and they love to do it!!
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sniffle. i want my cats to fetch! they chase, but would rather die before bringing something back to me....
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Heh heh, that is funny, Cass!e, that your cats don't fetch. My dog won't, either. Maybe they're just too smart to play games like that. Artistry, you teach your kittens to fetch? That is interesting. Cats are so fun!
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Cupid is always bringing me something to throw for him! He's done it since he was a baby, and I never taught him either! I started it with straws because he would play with it if I had one in a drink, so I started playing with him with them and throwing them. Now he'll bring me bottle caps, toys, pony-tail holders, straws...basically anything he thinks will be fun to chase!
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Never underestimate the intelligence of a cat. If you have that special bond your your kitty, they know when you enjoy something and they like to share that with you. My cat has learned to "say please" when she wants something (she is not usually a talkative cat), turn on the answer machine and the phone. She does this things to make me laugh, and it certainly works. My best friend's cat also fetches and head-butts when he wants to be petted. They are such wonderful beings!!
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My cats don't play fetch, they are way too lazy But I have heard many cats like to play fetch
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