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How often is too often?

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For coughing up hairballs, that is. Billy's coughed up two in about the two months that he's been here, but how unusual is that for a medium-haired cat that's shedding because of the heat and is constantly cleaning both himself and his shedding medium-haired brother? When do I start needing to take measures? Thanks in advance!
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I have 2 long haired cats and two short haired cats, and the only one with fur balls is doofus (shorthaired)...he usually gets one everyother month...

though i dont know for sure...I dont think 2 in two months is nessecarily anything to worry about....though almost everythng cat related now has some sort of fur ball control in it
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About 1 a month is normal for Spaz, she's longhaired and does not participate in mutual grooming.
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Oh good, I'm glad to hear that! I didn't want to just let him keep coughing up hairballs if there was something I should have been doing about it. Thanks!
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Ivory isn't old enough to shed ytet, so I have no experience with her, but since she hs the same coat as a Birman, I thought I'd ask.
How much do they shed?
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As far as losing the hair goes, its mostly Billy who's shedding, and its not horribly bad. I think that with regular brushing and using a lint brush on my couches, you pretty much couldn't tell I had a cat, and there's only a little bit of loose hair from holding or petting them. Brushing is another matter though - I swear I pulled enough hair from Billy on a prolonged grooming session to build another cat!! But seriously, since Birmans only have that soft undercoat and thus only one layer of coat, they shed proportionally less simply because they have less to lose in the first place.
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Well that's good to know.
As we are allergic, one shedding machine is plenty
Besides, we just so love how soft and fuzzy she is.

People keep telling me she'll lose it, but she's 7 months old, all of the 'kitten fuzzies' most cats have is long gone at this age.
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I hope she stays all soft and rabbit fuzzy, its the best! I use my boys as "pillows" all the time. They give me very annoyed looks when I do it though.
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