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greeting and question: tunnel for cat enclosure

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I'm new to the forum, having just found it while
searching info on cat enclosures. I have three
kitties and built a large enclosure for two
who don't go out on their own. I had been carrying
them to it, but recently put in a pet door
and built a tunnel this week to connect it.
the problem is, I built it with luann and insulated it to keep out cold drafts etc. now
the place where I got the materials says luan
is'nt meant to be used outside, even thought they
recommended it in the first place. does anyone
know of anywhere to get a premade plastic tunnel,
or material that could be made into one like large plastic tubing?
this might be much easier in terms of weight,
holding up to the weather and connecting it.
also I then dont' have to spend hours trying
to weather proof this one now. thanks for any help.
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a sheet of visqueen and use that to wrap the outside of the tunnel and duct tape it down. In the summertime you can search for the appropriate material to wrap your tunnel in. Your cats sound lucky that they have you.
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thanks hissy,
what is visqueen? I already went ahead
and put tarpaper and roof tiles on it making
a mini roof and sealed off any open areas with
silicone. hope this will work. I searched for
hours for plastic tubing, but couldn't find
anything. they were having trouble going
through the door, one figured it out, the other
will only go through if I help her, and our
indoor/outdoor guy won't let me even carry
him near the door, but inspected the tunnel
after I carried him to the enclosure. they
certainly are lucky to have me, I spent about
5 months building the enclosure. :-)
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I'm a little worried now about the tunnel,
because one kitty has asthma, and although
she's doing well on meds, I'm worried
that she could collapse in the tunnel.
I've attached it so that it can be taken
off by removing a few screws, but it could
take 10 minutes or so to do it. thanks
for any advise
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One with the expanding pole? And keep it nearby in case this happens, then you can just scoop up kitty and get her out of there. I would LOVE to see a picture of this creation of yours! Any chance of that?
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thanks hissy, that's a great idea.
I have a good picture of the enclosure in
the last snowfall we had. it may take me
a day or so to scan it. I just took syb
to the vet, the asthmatic kitty, and it
turns out her kneecaps are dislocating,
so have to take her to an orthopedic
surgeon tomorrow, my vet thinks they will
recommend surgery since she's only about
a year old.
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Hi! Sounds like you are getting some great help from Hissy, just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to our site!
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