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NHL is back! WOOHOO!

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Man, it has been so nice to have my hockey back!!

The Avs lost their opener on Wednesday, and I didn't even care. At least they are PLAYING!! But they'll come back and be a contender. They have a good team this year.

If you like hockey and have Dish Network, they are offering a free sneak preview of NHL Center Ice, meaning they are showing EVERY game, for the first week. It's on free until or through the 12th. It's so cool because they carry both of the local feeds from each game. Which is great for scouting out the rest of our Division and see where the other teams' strengths and weaknesses lie. I'm watching Columbus vs. Calgary right now, because they traded my FAVORITE player (Adam Foote, Defenseman) to Columbus, and because I want to see if Columbus has gotten any better than the past few seasons. We've watched hockey every night this week since the season started on Wednesday. We're really thinking of buying the Center Ice thing. Yup, I'm obsessed!

So who else is happy that the NHL is FINALLY playing again?!?!
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The Red Sox are now out of the Playoffs, so it is officially Bruins season here - The game is on right now!

I went to my first the last season they played and I really enjoyed it!
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What do you think of the new rules? My husband watched the game and is still undecided.
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Originally Posted by katachtig
What do you think of the new rules? My husband watched the game and is still undecided.
I think I like them. It's definitely opened up the ice for more offense. I definitely like them getting rid of the two-line pass rule. We were able to see the pre-season game against Detroit, and it was definitely an exciting game live! I just wish they were more clear about the interference calls that they said they will be stricter on.
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Me Me Me Me Meme Mememememmemem

Go Wild!
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Yes, went to the home opener on Wed. So far we are 2-1, the cats beat Atlanta, and the Champs Tampa Bay. (They beat us yesterday though) Go Panthers, I'll be going to a few games this year.
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I watched to Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens play last night. Toronto lost though ..I'm still undecided about the new rules.
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I dont mind them exept the whole shoot out thing if they tie after over time (which toronto deffinetly needs to work on). I rather just have a tie or extra over time like in the playoffs. I heard the other day that they are also thinking about doing shoot outs in the playoffs too. That would totaly suck!

Go toronto go!
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I can't stand the thought of the shootout! I don't like it in soccer, and like it even less in hockey. Just play the game. If it takes 5 overtimes in a playoff game then that's what it takes. Anyway - go Hurricanes! I hope to make it down to Raliegh this year. I'm still on the fence about getting the Center Ice package - I can't live on just the Bruins!
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i like hockey, go pens

thought no one pays attention untill football is done.
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My idiot of a team, Washington Capitals, will show up this year, but my expectations for them are low. Otherwise, my lovely bride bought me season tickets to the Shreveport-Bossier Mudbugs for our anniversary. They are now an affiliate of the Buffalo Sabres. Got to love that girl.
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