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The Vet!

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My babies go to the vet tomorrow for their blood work and teeth cleaning and THEN I will find out if they have diabetes!
Anybody have on like that!
Suspicion arose last year and we have been watching.
I lost two in 94 and am a nervous wreck about these two babies!

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Hi Lila. I hope everything will be okay...I'm sure it will.

welcome to the site, by the way.
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Dear Friends,
My fuzzies went to the vet last Monday and guess what?!
Prudie is fine-no diabetes.
BUT Rees, my healthy horse, is very sick! He's got cystitus and must take pills twice a day! Somehow he can't manage to hold a glass of waer so I get them into him with a wad of cheese or a spoon of milk, after they are crushed.
We've got another week to go on them and then the vet will check him.
I pray he's OK! Ilost two (18 yrs and 6 yrs) back in 94, just after I retired, within two weeks of each other. Cal, the baby, was going to be 6 yrs old and grieved himself to death when Boo got sick and died.

Blessed Be!
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I am so glad to here everything went so well at the vets!!!
As for the sick horse, you should talk to Hissy about that...she has horses, and is very knowledgeable about them!! Maybe she could give you some advice.
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I am guessing when you said your "healthy horse", you just meant that that is the cat who you thought to be the most healthy. In any event, I am sorry to hear that you kitty is sick, but do you know that cheese and milk are not good for a cats digestion? It can give them diahrrea. So be careful. Maybe you could mix it into her wet food instead, )or get wet food if she does not presently eat it for the pills.)

Good luck to you and your furbabies. Keep us posted!
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