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GAAAAH new work schedual.... must vent

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well this past week my employer (a local vet hospital) started a new and "improved" work schedual for the techs. its not working as hoped

before our schedual was as such; 4 people in the morning; 2 work from 7-3, focusing on cleaning the wards (of which we have 3) careing for any hospitalized cases and assisting the surgery techs and doctors. 2 other people come in and work 8-4 assisting in surgery and doing any lab work that has been ordered from the surgery doctor or the doctors seeing appointments. at 11 a tech with work up front to keep the traffic coming back lower while animals are waking up form surgery, and the morning back staff time to clean and work on other things. (some example are simple blood and fecal collections and nail trims) at 3pm 3 people come in for the evening working untill the hospital closes at 8:30 and the place is cleaned and hospitalized cases are taken care of.

this schedual; along with other factors has caused employee hours to double in the past year. in order to cut hours we now have 3 people come in 2 at 6am -2pm to clean and help, and 1 at 8-4 for surgery. (this part isn't too bad, getting to work at 6am is hard but we can swing 3 people)
at night we have 2 people come in. thats 2 people to clean the wards clean up after surgery, do any lab work packs, any go home instructions for the simple spay/neuter/declaws that go home, help with nails, draw blood and any thing that the front staff can't do (which is anything that isn't put clients in rooms, and check out) this has caused me and my fellow employees to be at the hospital untill well past midnight. throw in a few large dogs that don't want to sit still with only one person able to restrain is going to cause a staff memeber or even worse a pet to get hurt.

someone is going to be so stressed and doing so many things at once that something is going to happen, a pet won't get it's insulin or the wrong pet will get the wrong medication.

after a week all i know is that this new schedual has not cut hours as expected so insted of one or two people getting overtime by a minute or two, there are at least five of us getting overtime by a few hours. i already have 44 hours this week and i have to work tomarrow.

wah this sucks!!!!!!! (can you say that here?) i don't know but this schedual thing is driving me crazy..... i'm just too tired to do anything about it
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It really is frustrating when things are reorganized by management and all the ones affected see the problem but they don't. We got a new manager at the beginning of the year who decided we would be 100% utilitized as software developers. There is so much reassignments and realignments (sometimes daily) that our productivity has gone down the toilet, our quality stinks, and we're all stressed. My only saving grace is that what we do doesn't affect the health and welfare of others.

Is there a way you and your co-workers can propose something that is more effective? This is easy to say, but hard to do.

Good luck and maybe management will see the errors in their schedules when the overtime numbers come in.
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