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The cat family.

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Today I got wondering about the cat family. They include Tiger, Lions, Domestic cats + more. But what I got interested in was how each of the branches would interact with one another.

For example, if my cat was to go up to a fully grown Cheetah would the cheeta just attack her or be friendly to her?

Been looking around the net and couldn't really find anything about the subject which is surprising since I think it's pretty interesting.
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I would`nt have the foggiest....however I doubt that they would be welcomes into the "pride"......I don`t think wild cats would allow even thier own kind into their own private group...they`d probably take one swipe and eat our cats for dessert.
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Cheetahs,leopards & tigers are loners, but I know that lions will kill other cats' cubs because they are considered competition, & although ours are hardly competition, in the natural world ours would probably totally avoid the bigger cats at all costs, for the sake of survival.
It's cool to see the big ones behaving just like our little ones do,though. Same mannerisms, same body language.
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Sorry, your cat would be a quick snack.
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