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A very nice Friday!

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I'm sure some folks wouldn't think so, as we did have overcast skies today and a very light rain at times. But it was also much cooler than it has been, a high only in the 60's. We sort of "luxuriated" in the cool.

Sunny had the day scheduled off (to make a 4 day weekend out of it, Monday's a holiday.) And we had some "us" time for a change without spending it doing chores or working on house projects or just vegging in front of the monitors. We went up to a local Arts and Crafts Show this morning which I have not done such for a loooong time. This was Homestead Hollow located in Springville, Alabama just up the road a piece from us. In fact it's one of my favorite rides although it only takes about 20 minutes to get there.

Since it was rainified, there weren't huge crowds, although more people than I would've expected, and we walked around and gawked at all of the great crafts for a couple of hours. My mission , was twofold, to obtain a stoneware serving bowl to replace the one I've recently chipped , and also a nice coffee mug for my morning cuppa. I love stoneware and had to duck into all the potters' booths to check the wares out. One lady especially had some very nice RED (unusual) glazed pieces, but not, unfortunately, the perfect bowl. I never did find one that just reached out and grabbed me. Everything was either not quite the right size, the glaze didn't appeal to me, it had warped a bit in the firing, the heft wasn't right etc., etc.

Did, however, find my mug! And got one for Sunny, too ...

... along with a rather unusual little doughnut shaped lamp from a different potter. She was more of a "semi-pro" I guess you'd say, but she had some different things and proved to be interesting to talk to.

After a brief trip to the store and home we went BACK out to catch a movie! Wallace & Gromit & the Curse of the Were-Rabbit ! I thought it was hilarious, and I'll give it 5 stars, but I doubt that it's going to have the broad appeal that Aardman's Chicken Run had. Wallace & Gromit fans will love it, animation fans likewise, the kids will love the slapstick, the adults will appreciate a few jokes that will go over the kids' heads.

Now we're home and chilling. It's not often that we get out like this, and it's just a plus that we had a good time.
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Definitely sounds like you had a good day! I would LOVE to see the new Wallace and Gromit movie - I loved those animations Crackin' toast, Gromit!
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What a lovely day you had! Your mugs are so unique! I do so enjoy getting a new mug! What an interesting design for your new lamp! Glad you and Sunny had such a great time together! It's quality times such as this that really matter in life!
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Your kitchen table looks nicely arranged with the new cups and the doughnut thing. It looks unusual for sure. I saw Wallace and Gromit earlier on Friday too. I was totally and constantly fascinated with the animation throughout the entire movie. It had some funny parts too.
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It soudns like you had a wonderful day! I like the mugs. Were the boys happy to see you when you got back?
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Oh I looove pottery! That Arts and Crafts show sounds great. Isn't it nice to have a nice day/weeekend together that doesn't involve doing housework of any kind? It's important to spend those quality moments together. What a nice husband you have that he lets you drag him round craft shows!
Looking forward to the new Wallace & Grommit movie too! Looks very cute.
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