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how to tell. . .

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Hi all

I just registered and hope I am posting this in the right forum. . .here's my query. . .

I have 2 spayed female cats -- a darling calico (14) that I adopted one year ago and is indoor/outdoor. . .and a indoor-only Russian Blue (11). I have never had trouble with the Russian Blue peeing anywhere except her box so my nose has not developed the whole repertoire of cat pee varietals. .. so to speak.

The calico sleeps in the garage and sometimes it smells like cat pee or cat spray. I am trying to figure out if it is her that is peeing or a friend that may visit in the night.

Is there any way to tell whether the cat pee is from a male cat or a female cat? Is male cat pee stronger?

Does cat spray smell different from cat pee?

Thanks for any help!
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Hmmmm....this could lead to some interesting scientific experiments, LOL! Oh dear, you poor thing! I have no idea, but I'm sire some of the more knowledgeable people here might be able to give you some advice. Til then, good luck, may the air freshener be strong, and the nose weak! :tounge2:
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Well, male cats tend to spray a lot more than females, but if it's spray it has a very strong pungent odor. It is concentrated urine to mark their territory.
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Thanks Alicat and Sandie

Sandie, I wonder how they let out different stuff when they spray vs when they pee? Well, it doesn't matter . . .the main thing is that this stuff is very strong smelling -- ick -- different from the smell in the litter box. I think I will lock kitty in at night and see if it is her or a "friend" contributing to the . .. um. . .atmosphere.
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