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Happy news!

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Hello all! I'm happy to inform that Matilde was seen by a vet an she got her first dose of Stringid. The vet took a stool sample and the results were negative . She has no worms and this is so relieving, as worms or something worse were one of our biggest fears. Matilde is going to the bathroom more frequently, but has not learned to use the litter box, as she's still 3 weeks old. I will try to start litter training next week, when she will be 4 weeks. Montgomery & Maximo are happy with her, especially Montgomery who takes care of her and lets her play with him.

Thanks to all of you (again) for the good advice. I love this site and I love you all!!!!! Montgomery, Maximo and Matilde send all their love to all of you!
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Very good news. Thanks for the update.

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