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I am back! have been off line because of leaving for Katrina...

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Hi everyone . I am from the New Orleans area and have been off line for the past two months, because I had to evacuate the area. I am in North Carolina and plan to stay in this great state. I hope everyone from the area is ok and anyone with tips about life in west North carolina would be great. I took my cats with me( don't ask about my traveling adventures with them), and they are finally adjusted to our new home. and are happy. I am just glad to be online after being unable to use a computer for more than a month( unless you count the local library allowing 30 minutes a day for a computer). Will check back in soon. Catlover
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Welcome back! I think most members would like to get a first-hand account of your experiences with evacuating and relocating! I'm so glad you and the kitties are okay!
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Welcome back! That must be quite an upheaval for you to suddenly find yourself living in another state. I'm so glad that things seem to be getting settled for you. I can't imagine being uprooted in the way that you were.
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Welcome back! I too am glad to hear that you and the kitties are ok. What an experience that must've been having to leave your home like that!
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Glad to hear you are okay - whereabouts in WNC are you catlover?
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WE are near greensboro, North carolina, we left the day before the Hurricane and reached here on that Monday at 5:30 p.m. WE traveled with our most important things, 2 cats and 2 kids and some papers and the modem to the computer and a suitcase of clothes. My daughter opened up the cat carrier of my Zeus( who is strong as hell), and it took me 15 minutes to get him in fromthe front seat, while my husband was driving. We had to stop in Georgia for the night to give the cats a chance to eat and use the litter box. My zeus would not use the disposable litter box, but instead decided to go in the suitcase I left opened that morning to get some clothes out, needless to say I had to throw out half of the clothes and my only suitcase. WE are not going back because I am tired of hurricanes and we are starting over , little by little. THe kids are in school and my husband is looking for a job. I am just glad to be able to get on the computer and use the internet, it has become as neccesary as a telephone to me. If anyone has any questions please ask, I will try and answer them.
We do not have family here, but a friend of my husband's and most of my friends from Louisiana scattered all over the place, some have decided to go back and some not. We will miss alot of people, but we can still keep in touch and are making friends here in this wonderful state.
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Good luck on your relocation. The only area I've been in NC is Greensboro (traveling for work) but as I remember it was a beautiful area. I can't imagine totally starting over and hope you share your experiences with us.

This is one of those times when it can be devasting but the possibilities are so big.

Very glad you're back and in good health.
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It is good to hear from you, catlover. I am glad your family is safe and that you are starting to put your lives back together. Was your house in New Orleans flooded or just plain blown away?
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I`m glad you are safe...and I don`t blame you one bit for not wanting to go many of us wonder why in the world anyone would want to...there is just not a way to hide from a hurricane.
We get tornados sometimes up here ...but usually people are safe from them if they take cover in the basement.
I hope you will have a great life there...make tons of friends...and you can be "the vacation spot" for all your family to come and visit! He he he
See you on TSC! Pets to your kitties (I`m sorry about the poopy suitcase...he did`nt mean it...was probably just so upset from traveling and your open suitcase smelled like home to him)
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Welcome to the great state of NC. I hope you and your family will be happy here.
I am sorry you had to leave your home. But you are blessed because you have your hubby, husband and cats. There is nothing more important than that.
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So glad you are safe!! I was in La for a couple weeks to help some of my medical confreres and their patients - we were in Baton Rouge working in oncology. So many lost medical records!! I also tried to convince one of my best friends - a Roman Catholic nun who lives and works in NO (at the Convent of the Sacred Heart) and she left for maybe a week - came to BR with me - but she has returned. She says her work and her people are there.

Take care of yourself - it is a trauma that you are coping with and you need time and lots of TLC!!
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welcome Back Catlover!

Glad your ok sorry to hear about the hurricane but thankful you and your family are ok Good to see ya back online your in a beauiful state I think your about 3 hours from me im in myrtle beac sc and theres a few members near that area where your at well my friend take care and good luck in your new state of north carolina

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It was a smart decision to start a new life as difficult as it is. You'll feel safer. Good luck to you and your family.
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Welcome back, I wish you the best of luck in your new home!
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