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First snuggles

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Well it's been an ongoing trial adding Fred to our family. About 90% of the time the cats get along well, and I really think most of the trouble is Sparky, who needs neutered. It's a money issue for us right now. We aren't going out for our anniversary because hubby had to spend $200 on tires and rims this weekend, so another $45 for the neuter isn't going to happen. He's even starting to fight with Blackie now and then, though he still nurses from him, so I assume it's all that testorone running through his little body (or whatever the cat equivalent is).

Anyway, Fred likes to sniff at Blackie when Blackie's sleeping. I think he's not really asleep, just playing possum, but it's some kind of cat method of saving face while getting to know each other. But Sparky is not even neutral about it, the minute he sees Fred he goes into his crouch and Fred gets hostile back and even growls. Usually they avoid each other, every now and then Fred gets trapped in the bathroom or maybe between some boxes and it erupts. Of course as soon as it gets noisy Blackie has to go see what's going on and all 3 of them end up in it. I usually throw pillows at them until they break it up or clothes from the hamper or something.

Sparky has become quite possessive of me and the bed, so he comes up for cuddles at bedtime and he won't let the others up. Blackie doesn't seem to mind much. He waits until a time Sparky isn't there or he sits on the footboard and purrs away. Usually I have to initiate petting sessions with Blackie, though he loves it so much and just purrs. Fred has seemed more aloof or interested in hubby so I usually just kind of pet him in passing and he looks up at me but he doesn't purr often and he doesn't often ask for more.

This morning I woke up with a cat on my feet, not unusual. I reached down but couldn't touch him. If Sparky sees my hand, he usually walks up me to be petted. Blackie starts purring but might not move. This cat did nothing, so I assumed he was sleeping. Then my daughter came into my bedroom and cried out, "Mommy, look! It's Fred!" Sure enough our little Fredlet had draped himself over my knees and was snuggling up to me for the first time. Melts my heart. I'm such a mushball over my kitties.

BTW, Sparky just showed up looking for lovin' and hs is completely fascinated with the spot where Fred was laying. He seems curious but not possessive or hostile. Got to get him fixed, tho'.
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Caught both of the boys picking on Fred tonight. I heard Fred first because he hisses, but he runs away. Blackie would dash at him and dash away, then Sparky. It seemed so unfair, so I separated them. I put the boys in the bedroom and let Fred have access to the food. I never see him eat, tho' he must because he looks pretty well fed. He is walking around chirruping and making that noise they use for "Hello? You there?" He came up for petting but now he is wandering around clearly looking for the others. It's good to see him play and explore, but I shall have to let the boys out in a minute when I go to bed. After all, they need access to potty and food too.

Fred is so sweet, I hate that the others pick on him so. Of course Sparky picks on both of them these days, but that doesn't make it okay.
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Thanks for letting us know how things have been going for your cats lately, and I'm glad they get along well most of the time. Fred sounds like he is really sweet, do you have any pictures of him you could post for us?
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They are just establishing the ground rules. Fred may want to be the Alpha cat and your Alpha will not back down, it will take some hissing and growling and swatting before they settle into their positions. Hope you can survive it all.........*G* Those first snuggles are always the most important. Good job gaining this cat's trust!
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I wish I had pictures! I don't have a scanner so I can't get regular piccys in, and we just sold the e-camera because we need to upgrade. Hubby changed his operating system and the old one wasn't compatible. But as soon as we get the new one . . .


I have never felt so honored by a cat a when Fred was laying on me. He is very sweet. Right now he has a big red scratch across his nose, but that will heal and the fur will cover it. Sparky has a scab on his ear, too, but with his darker slightly longer fur it isn't noticeable. Blackie, who is senior cat at 4 years old, has been spending most of his time outside. He's the only one that goes out, and I think he likes getting away from the fuss.

I'm glad you're finally getting dug out. Hope your math final goes well! I'm sure you can do it. After all, you got this far!
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Fred sounds so sweet! It's a terrific feeling when they finally come around and accept you. It'll take time, but I'm sure they'll all learn to get along. (Especially after Sparky is neutered!)

That's one reason why I only have one cat, though. I just don't have the time to supervise while they learn to live with eachother. Spawn definately likes being the only kitty in the house! It's okay though, because my S/O doesn't want another kitty, and I don't want another dog, so we compromise that way!

Well, I'll wait patiently to see a picture of Fred!
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I love hearing what is going on with your cats! And I am sure everything will work out fine, it just takes a little time. They all sound so sweet.
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Sparky got himself stuck on top of the fridge. Now I don't know how he did that, since he jumps off the top of the wall unit all the time and there is a counter next to the fridge, but somehow he didn't think he could get down. So as I was going in to rescue him, I walked passed Fred, sitting on a box. I reached out and petted him and he followed me into the kitchen. He watched me get Sparky down and when I had to pass Fred again on the way out I stopped again and petted him. He immediately reached out a paw - no claws - and grabbed my hand for more petting. It was so cute! I'm such a goof over my pets!
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So I'm sitting on the sofa tonight and I noticed Fred sniffing the carpet and I say to him, "Hey, Fredlet" And he looked up! Not deaf, that white cat, but did he actually recognize his name?

A few minutes later he climbed gently up onto the sofa near me. I gave him an absentminded pat or two and went back to the essay I'm writing. Then he snuggled up next to me. Pat, pat, back to work. Then his front paws were on my knee, then he would rest his head on me, then his chest, and suddenly I had a Fred in my lap! He's never done that before, I was so honored.

Sparky even sat on the other side of me for a while, and I was petting then at the same time (with different hands). Seems like we're finally settling in.
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