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To feed mainly wet,yet she wont eat

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I've been here awhile and want you all to know how much I've learned reading these forums! I've been educated on feeding and have learned valuable stuff.

I'm all for feeding mostly wet - with some dry for grazing.
I feel v. strongly after all the reading I've been doing here.
Problem is - Smidge has other ideas

She LOVES the dry! Cries for it! Wolfs it!
She cries for the wet too - but only licks the gravy and may eat a few bites of it - then the whining for dry begins! I've tried waiting her out, mixing it with the dry, etc. She's not having it.


I mainly feed the Nutro pouches.
The PetSmart I go to has a lousy choice of flavors and brands in cans/pouches, but any suggestions, please make them. Maybe something tastier?

Oh - to mention: Some days she seems more interested in the pouches but usually not. On a "good" day she's eats 1/8-1/4 of a regular size pouch.

Her fave is any fishy ones - which I hold back on b/c I know fish isnt good for cats, but save it for special occasions/circumstances.

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How well I know that problem! Jamie is a dry food fanatic, and it took me over a year to get him to consent to eating one "wet" meal a day. First I mixed dry in with the canned food, which worked to some extent, and then I started experimenting with the canned. It turned out that he would eat food out of little, i.e., 3 ounce, cans, which aren't always easy to get where I live. Nutro has "minis" you could try, most of which have far less gravy than the Nutro pouches. Innova is also available in small cans, as is Solid Gold, though the latter is tuna. I found three European brands (almo nature, Cosma, and Miamor Feine Filets) which are meat and/or fish, with at most 1% rice or carrots, and he'll eat them. I know some people have had luck with Spot's Stew, which is similar to "home cooked". You might find some reasonable Internet suppliers. I buy almost all my cat food on line (bulk purchases, so I normally don't have to pay shipping & handling).
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Yep, have had that problem!! I ended up having to try every brand of food in the supermarket (don't have a decent pet shop locally), and she would only eat 'gourmet' foods, that had the same poor meat content. I have been told of another food combination this week, and so far she is eating more than she has done for months, so maybe she will finally start putting some weight on!!
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