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Thinking About You, Max

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Today marks three months since you got sick. I think of you everyday and cry most of them. Your brothers, Muffin and Speedboat are still trying to decide who is the boss. They finally lay together side by side. I hope they will get to be buddies like you were buddies with Speedboat. Muffin is not the outsider anymore and he seems to enjoy that. I wrote a story about your life with us, Max, I didn't want to forget any of the fun things about you. I included the wonderful picture of you sitting on top of the swing in the yard. I also included the Rainbow Bridge Story. I shared a copy with your vet and also with your first family. Of course, having lived with you, they knew you were more than just a cat. I wanted the vet who took care of you to understand just how special you were and now he does. I wanted an angel memorial to you and I found a great "Cat Angel" statue with a sign hanging from its mouth. Our best friend, who thought you were such a great cat, painted your name and dates on the sign for me. It sits in the dining room on top of the china cabinet overlooking our table. You always did like to be up higher than everyone and everything else.
Sometimes I feel like I should get another cat because I was so used to us having three. But I keep talking myself out of it. I know another cat would not fill this hole in my heart that is so big. I am writing this on a cat site where I have met many wonderful folks who understand the hurt I feel because they have experienced it firsthand too. Your picture is posted there, along with your brothers. Some of them wrote how you were such a handsome boy. The folks are so sweet and understanding. I have read how some of them have experienced strange things, maybe even their pet's presence. I would love to feel your presence once more. I did dream about you one night though. You were so real. I was holding you and petting you and feeling once more your sweet little head. At least I think it was a dream. I was so disappointed when I woke up. But it was great and I am thankful because I felt like I saw you once more and could even feel your soft silky fur. I don't think I will ever stop missing you. Life is not the same. We don't talk about you much because it is just too painful. I am glad you were my number one cat. You knew it too and so did everyone else who knew us both. You brought much happiness to my life. I just hope where you are that you are not missing me like I miss you and I so want to see you again, sweet boy. You were a blessing and I will never forget you. Rest in peace until then.
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Oh that tribute to Max was so lovely!

Don't worry about Max, he's happy and safe over the bridge right now, and will be there to greet you all one day
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What a beautiful tribute to Max. He sounds like a very special cat. My thoughts and prayers are with you and him. RIP sweet boy.
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In between the tears I would like you to know that is a beautiful memorial to your beloved Max.
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this was so lovely! i seriously thought about getting another cat after Mouse died, then decided the hurt was too new for me to make that decision. it was decided for me - Java was found in the parking lot where i work. had i already gotten another, i might not have been willing to have 4...& i would've missed having her sweetness as a part of our family. when the time for a new cat is right for you, you'll either know - or it will be decided for you, too! thanks for this sweet tribute to Max
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I didn't know him, but reading that makes me wish I had.

Be at peace that Someday you will see each other again.

And who knows..........someday you may look into a kittens eyes and see the same spark that you saw in his.
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Thank you folks for the kind words. Max was a very special cat. He was so much a part of my life, that it is hard to believe he is not here with me anymore. But I am sure all of you love your cats just like I loved Max. I know time will help more than anything else, but I just don't think things will ever be the same.
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You're right -- things will never be the same. Eventually, though they will be better, little by little. Someday you'll be able to remember Max without the same desolate feelings of loss, but with the sweetness and wisdom and love that he brought you.

Thank you for the beautiful tribute. Where did you post his pictures and is the tribute you wrote available online?
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awwww sweet Max, what a beautiful tribute to you you can tell your Mom loves you and misses you so very much

We all know that your playing happily at the bridge right now and watching over your Mom, Dad & 2 brothers, keeping them safe and knowing that you will see them again one day.

How wonderful that you now adorn their cabniet in the form of a 'cat angel' - how special is that. It makes me cry because I can tell how much you were loved and how much you are missed...

Bugaboo1, thankyou for sharing this with us - I found your other post in the RB and saw the picture of Max - he sure is a beautiful and stunning kittie! I know how much you miss him - you will always miss him but it will get easier. How wonderful that you wrote a tribute to remember all the good times - people often dont do that. I would love to read it as well if you wish to share it.

RIP sweet Max - enjoy your time at the bridge where you will never be in pain again
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What a lovely tribute to Max. RIP sweetie.
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That was beautiful! I am sorry for your loss.
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That's a really amazing tribute... beautiful... he's so happy right now, and i'm sure he appreciates how much you love him..
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I feel every bit of pain that you do. I finally started a list of all the wonderful memories I have of my Leo, who died three weeks ago. In time, I hope to look back with smiles and not tears.
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What an amazing tribute to your sweet Max. He was so lucky to have a mommy to love him as much as you did.

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That was so beautiful. I wish every kitty could know the kind of love you've just expressed for Max.

You are in my thoughts.
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Thanks to all who have expressed such sweet thoughts to me. It is tough, but you folks really help me feel better.
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That was really lovely. I know it is hard for you.
Originally Posted by Tru87
That's a really amazing tribute... beautiful... he's so happy right now, and i'm sure he appreciates how much you love him..
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RIP sweet Max What a lucky kitty you are to have a mommy who loves you so much! Be happy little one--someday you will see your beloved mama again Until then play happily with all your new friends--and remind them who's boss kitty!
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Thank you for the candle burning so bright for Max. That was extremely sweet.
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