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Sampson the Water Cat

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For those of you who aren't familiar with the activites our cat "Sampson". Several weeks ago I posted a question regarding the unusual way he drinks water . . . . he starts drinking from the water bowl and then slowly he will lift his right front leg up and slowly lower it into the water bowl. Then he follows with his left leg until finally he is standing knee deep in the water, all the while continuing to drink water.

I received a lot replies to my post and enjoyed reading about other member's cats who seem to have a facination with water.

I promised I would let eveyone know if Sampson developed any new behaviors associated with water.

Well, I am here to tell everyone that I believe that we have one of the funniest cats that has ever inhabited the earth. Our little orange tiger tabby with personality plus has developed his attraction for water beyond the limits of any other cat I have seen, heard about, or read about.

Our Sampson, who has definitely shown us that he has a huge facination with water, is now doing something that most of you will not believe. Over the next few days, we will be trying to catch him on camera for all to see and believe.

Our wonderful little (not so little anymore) Sampson has now decided to join either myself or my husband whenever we take a shower. I don't just mean standing on the edge of the tub licking water droplets. We have a combination tub/shower unit with a sliding glass door. When we get in the tub/shower to do our thing and please bear in mind that the water going at full blast, within a few minutes, there is an orange blurry blob pawing at the glass shower door from the other side. When we slide open the glass door, there he is, in all his glory, our little Sampson.

Sampson then hops over the side of the tub and into the shower. There is sort of a bench seat towards the back of the tub and Sampson will settle in right there. Laying right down on the wet tiles with his front feet dangling over the edge of the bench seat. He just lays there watching as we continue on with our showering activities. Sometimes he will jump right down onto the floor of the tub but I am too afraid of tripping over him so I make him get back up on the bench seat. Sampson remains in the shower with us until we are done.

I don't know about any of you, but in my entire 44 years, I have never heard of a cat doing anything like this before. I would love to hear from people as to whether or not our little Sampson is as unique as we think he is.

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One of my ferals will go into the creek and chase the salamanders that live on the bottom. I have seen her dunk her head and go for it and swim around chasing these things. It is pretty amazing when you consider cats are not supposed to like water. Our Bacardi loved the shower as well and would sit in the far corner of the stall when I took showers, I had to be careful not to direct the spray on her, she didn't appreciate that.
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An aunt and uncle of mine had a cat (well, they had 5 cats, but only this one matters in this case) named James, who they called Jameser of course because very few of us actually call them by the names we give them. Jameser was a big furry guy but also the baby of the bunch. Now they also had a "wet bar" in their house, with a sink and all, and the faucets had paddles - like at the hospital - rather than twisty knobs like most homes. Jameser used to push on the paddles until the water started running, then he would sit on the side of the sink and try to catch it with one of his furry feet. He never drank it, just hunted it. They figured he couldn't feel it through the toe fuzz.

Okay, I had a picture I wanted to add here and it didn't let me do it again! Will someone please tell me how to do this myself? I appreciate y'all's help doing it for me, but I do also want to know how to do it myself because I'm getting frustrated here! grrrr!
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Some species of salamanders/newts have highly poisonous skin. It's probably impossible to stop the feral from hunting them, but if your feral ever shows signs of poisoning tell the vet it could be from that.
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Oh these stories are so cute! I don't think any of my cats care to be around water, except to drink it.
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My husband and I were just discussing the responses that I have rec'd from folks here at The Cat Site and he told me a story about a cat that his family had while he was growing up. Well, I guess the story is really about two cats that his family had, sort of partners in crime, as you might have already guessed.

Anyway, apparently one night his Mom and Dad heard strange sounds coming from the back of the house after the 4 children had gone to bed. At least, they were under the impression that the kids were all in bed. They heard the same noises the next night, and the night after that, and the night after that. Finally, they figured out what the sound was and became sort of concerned. They started to think that one of their children might be having a serious medical problem. You see, the noise they were hearing was the toilet being flushed over and over again.

They confront the children and when none of the children fessed up to having bowel or bladder problems, his Mom and Dad were even more perplexed. They started to think that either one of the kids was just too embarassed to speak up or that maybe they had some sort of plumbing problem.

So anyway, I guess Mom and Dad decided to camp out close to the bathroom one night after the kids had gone to bed. Sure enough, about 30 minutes later the toilet started flushing over and over again. Mom and Dad quietly got up from their seats and slowly made their way down the hallway and around the corner to the bathroom. When they got to the bathroom door they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

There they were, their two cats, hoovering over the toilet. His parents watched in amazement. One of the cats was actually up on top of the overflow tank and then they saw him placed his paw on the handle and pushed it down, flushing the toilet. In the meantime, the other cat would be precariously stretched out over the bowl of the toilet to watch the water as it swirled round and round.

Now this isn't all, folks. Apparently, the cats were taking turns in watching this amazing whirlpool of water because as soon as the water filled back up in the toilet bowl, the cats traded places. Now, the cat that was watching the swirling water took his place on top the overflow tank and the other cat anxiously stradled the toilet bowl waiting for the next water extravganza to begin. The cats continued trading places over and over again.

Can you believe this?!

PS - I didn't never asked if his parent broke their cats of this habit
but I guess that's not important at this point. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed the story.

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