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Blood on rectum

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I noticed just now that after Marlee went to poop, she had blood on her rectum. I checked her poop, and like I thought there was none actually in the poop, just a little on the outside of some it. I'm almost positive the problem is that after she goes, she doesn't really clean herself, and something similar to a scab will form over her butt (does this make sense?) So next time she poops, as this "scab" is pulled off, she will bleed a little. She never cries or anything as she goes, so I don't think it hurts her too much, although I'm sure it does some. Is there a way I can teach her to clean better after using the bathroom?
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If I were seeing blood, I would want the vet to know about it and get his opinion.
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I just noticed this again today, but it happened once or twice a few weeks ago after Marlee went from diarrhea to being contipated. The vet's office told me if the blood is not IN the poop, and its not continuous bleeding then not to worry. Just to call if she was in pain, not eating/drinking, etc. She's still eating/drinking/playing and using the bathroom fine. Because of this, I wasnt too worried when I saw it today, just wanted to find a way to help her so it won't happen again! Thanks for the reply!
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Personally, I would get a second opinion from another vet. Bleeding cannot be good regardless of the cause.
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My Wiggies had this twice before. He always has really soft poop though, so I don't know about scabs forming. My vet said not to worry too.
He's always been a little lax about cleaning his bum, so we always try to catch him and wipe it for him with a damp cloth. This stimulates him into cleaning it properly.
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Think it would be okay to put a neosporin type ointment on her little behind, or would that be a bad idea?
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