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I feel for you. My nephew is the only grandchild. It takes us a ridiculous amount of time to get done with Christmas morning. Several years in a row, he literally fell asleep during Christmas morning. My poor sister doesn't have room to store it all, either. I doubt that the toys are even missed. I have found that he really doesn't get excited about things like we used to as children and I think it's because it is not special.
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Just an update!

Had the sale today and Taylor was GIVING toys away-- very very low turnout but it was unseasonably cold this morning 42 degrees F. UGHHHHHH too cold for me and very very windy. We made a total of 25 bucks and only a few toys sold. Most people are out looking for winter clothes right now. Anyway, all the toys and rest of the clothes got rounded up and taken to a drop location to be sent to the coast for the Katrina victims.

There's still too many toys for my liking but its alot less than before-- When we (taylor and I) went thru the toys last nite he only picked out maybe 10% of the toys that he wanted tokeep. Others i kept for my 18 month old daughter to have something to play with other than her babydolls and stuffies. Thanks again everyone. I feel much better with fewer toys around the house.
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Way to go Taylor! Give him a special hug from us all,
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Haha If Taylor did that well purging toys, I think Peter Walsh on Clean Sweep may be out of a job in a few years
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Way to go kiddo! That's the way to do it!
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Way to go!! Your son obviously knows that he already has too many toys and so doesn't mind giving some of them away! My Mum only kept the sentimental toys and I appreciate it now that I'm older - Its great to go back and look at them and know that I can someday pass them onto my children!!

Bad Mom - Not a chance!!!
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