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Cat Lax - anyone use it?

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I thought I'd ask another question while I'm here... My cat goes through episodes where she coughs up hair, sometimes alone, sometimes with food. I gave her cat lax once a day from the vet. Seems to help, but she still throws up about every couple weeks or so. This continues for a couple of days, then she's back to normal. I just gave her a couple of treats this morning, and she threw them up with a little hair. I normally don't feed her or give her treats in the morning, because she tends to throw up less when she's fed at night. I'm trying to encourage her to stay active during the day, though.

Does hairball food or OTC hairball products work for your cats? I now use a cat lax by Hartz because it's easier to get than the vet's. Seems to work about the same - better than nothing at all, but she still throws up on about a 2wk-a month cycle. She did best with a mix of Iams and Purina Indoor Formula. I switched to Nine Lives because I'm trying to save money. It doesn't seem to matter much hairball-wise. I gave her Science Diet for sensitive stomachs at one point - it made things worse. It had a strong scent, and I can't imagine it would be milder than regular food. I think her problem could be digestive or just hairballs, not sure. I'm pretty sure it's not worms. Any ideas for surefire hairball control? If I can rule out hairballs as the problem, then I'll consult the vet. He had mentioned doing a scan to check for problems, but I'm convinced it's mainly a hairball thing. She almost always tosses up hair with the food. Any thoughts? I think I'm going cut back on daytime treats and go back to Iams/Purina.
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One contributing problem might be that you are making so many changes in your cat's diet. You probably already know this but...
Any dietary change needs to be made qradually because if you make changes too quickly it can upset her stomach.

Also, try grooming your cat and removing as much loose fur as possible every day. That should help eliminate the problem if it's really hairballs.
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She actually had been on the Iams/Purina mix for several months. I recently switched foods, but did it gradually. Thanks for the tip about removing loose fur - I'll watch out for that.
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