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DT for Sunday 2/17

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Thread Starter first time ever starting a Daily the tides turn. I've been away for a few days with a nasty flu, I come back and things seem to be different here...I have this urge to sing 'I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..'

So, whats everyone up to on this lazy Sunday? I'm planning to catch up on some housework..hubby had a great weekend with the kids, but the house is a disaster. Whats that saying? 'A dirty kid is a happy kid? Does that mean a messy house is a happy house?? :LOL:

I went shopping in the city with my mom some new clothes and a CD I've been wanting forever :disturbed: so I'm planning on keeping it pretty low-key today. They have this awesome restaurant there called 'Jack Astors' ohh the BEST food. I had a house salad with grilled chicken There was guy there celebrating his birthday and the staff got him to get up on a stool while they sang Happy Birthday to him (after they called everyone in the place to attention) and when they got to the part where his name was supposed to be the guy had to say "Me, I'm so sexy" and dance the 'robot'. I laughed my heiny off :laughing: The guy was a better sport than most would have been...

Ok enough rambling
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They lifted the ban on backyard burning, so we will have a bonfire going today of limbs and boughs and roofing material. Put a new roof on the horse shelter yesterday, as it is supposed to rain for 3 days. Hmm last time I heard it was supposed to rain for three days, we got hit with that windstorm! Lost the computer again for about a day and half Mike got it going again last night finally.

Heard from my friend with the psychotic ex-boyfriend, she has been in hiding because he did come to town and try to find her! She was over staying in a motel clear in another city while he was there, and then she had to go and beg for her job back because he appeared at her job and made a scene. She got to keep her job and last she heard he was on his way home. He left her a valentine box on her porch which she took to the cops and told them to open it or throw it away, then she left. She hasn't heard about the contents of the box yet. He is one creepy dude!
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My mother has been in town from Houston all weekend, so I have been doing the family thing. Yesterday, we went shopping at the mall, which has got to be her favorite past time.

She bought each of my kids some clothes, and then she took me to Talbot's, as she felt my work wardrobe needed updating. Well, I am slightly embarrassed to say, $1600 later, I think I have a few things to wear to work now. That's my mother for you. I could be starving to death with the roof caving in over my head, and she would say, "How are you going to manage?" But, let her detect a "fashion emergency", and it's a whole different story.

I now need to look into a home security system to protect the contents of my closet. It's probably worth more than everything else I own combined.

Today we are going to see that new Sean Penn flick, "I Am Sam"...and there is one more dress at Talbot's she wants me to try on....

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Wow Deb!!!! Can I borrow your mother for awhile??? My wardrobe needs some serious updating right now!!! :laughing: (especially since everything is getting tighter and tighter) I am going to have to go buy some "fat" clothes, and then upgrade to maternity wear, real soon...elastic waistbands, here I come... :LOL: Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Anyway.....good morning to you all!!

I am not doing much today, trying to catch up on all the new threads I've missed, and hubby is out chopping wood....last night we went to the casino for supper...they have an awesome buffet with crab legs and prime rib...I was in heaven!
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Go straight for the maternity stuff. No use in buying larger sizes and then maternity too.

Save that $ for getting yourself a few new things after the baby is born.
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Well, I figured after the baby is born, I won't be able to fit into my regular size yet, so the bigger size jeans will come in handy then, because I won't want to still be wearing my maternity clothes.

I wish I was like some of those people I know who are back to a size 5 the day after they give I hate those people...:LOL: j/k
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Well, we're both still sick here. So we're going to lay around with our kleenex and hot tea and cough medicine and watch T.V. all day. Not the thing I'd really choose to do on a weekend, but probably the best choice for us this weekend!

I'm with you, Debby ~ I gained 80 pounds when I was pregnant (I just couldn't stop eating!!!) so after I had my daughter it took me 3 or 4 months to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120. Thankfully I lost my voracious appetite after she was born... I think she was really hungry or something!
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Sign me up for being adopted by Debs mom I could use an update to my wardrobe. Can't remember the last time I went on a shopping spree like that. Maybe never.

I have to run a couple errands today. Gotta go get a new handless headset for the cellphone. The last one finally died on me. Gonna run to the gym first though. I prefer going before work because it's so crowded on the weekends.

Debby, I don't have any kids, but I think the girls have the right idea. Buy the maturnity now and grow into those. Less $$ in the long run.

Jin, hope you feel better soon! Is it the flu? We had something going around the office this week. Knock on wood, I didn't get it (yet).

Mel, what cd did you get? bad girl! Don't buy cds! At least let me know first!

Back to work tomorrow Man the weekends go by fast!

This thursday I'm going to San Francisco and then taking the redeye back on saturday, so I won't have a relaxing weekend But I will get to see a couple girlfriends that I haven't seen in awhile so that will be nice. (work convention)

have a great day!
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AP, yeah, it's something that was going around. I got a flu shot, but it obviously didn't cover this crud I got. Thankfully I'm not as sick as the SO, as he ended up with pneumonia too. I think we're both almost over all of it, it's just making it through the last part of it that gets to ya'!

Do you guys have that hands free law there (for cell phones)? We don't have one in Colorado yet. I do have a hands free system, though. (Seems safer.)
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Colby- I finally got Disturbed's CD..thus the 'disturbed' smilie guy :LOL: I LOVE those guys...their cover of the older song 'Shout' is fantastic. Who sang the original? I'm not really down with 80's music
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Okay...I know I am the naive little country bumpkin here...:LOL:...but I gotta ask....I've heard the expression...taking the redeye, many times...but I'n not sure...what is the "redeye" exactly, AP? Is it just a really early or really late flight or what?

Jin....hope you get to feeling better....what part of Colorado do you live in, by the way? My brother lives in Littleton...I visit him every three years or so, I am due for a trip there soon!
I just LOVE soon as I can see the Mountains(we always drive there) I get so excited!!!!! I get such a great feeling being there...I can't explain it!!! I also love going to the Denver Zoo, and that Natural History place thats nearby it...I could stay in that place for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!
We also like to eat at Casa Bonita when we are there! I love that diver!! I go more for the atmosphere, than the food! I AM addicted to their sopapillas (sp?) though!!! I like raising the flag, just to have them bring me more! Have you eaten there?
post #12 of 26 it the song that goes....Shout, shout...let it all out...these are the things I could do without..come on, Im talking to you..come on...etc.....if so...Tears for Fears did that song....I LOVE it!
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Jin, I'm pretty sure that the cell phone law (not talking while you're driving) has been passed but doesn't take effect until October. I'm a bad enough driver with both hands on the wheel, so I don't like to hold the phone up to my ear and drive at the same time. I'm make sure the SO has one as well because I want him to be as safe as possible. I'm a worrier

Debby, I don't think I knew what a redeye was either until I started flying a lot of work. You were right, it's a late flight. You fly overnight. I leave at 11pm on saturday and don't get in until 9 am on sunday. It's a 6 hour flight and with the 3 hour time differnce it's a killer. If I were to leave at 7am on sunday, I wouldn't get home until 4 pm! You lose an entire day traveling! I need sunday to unwind and get ready for work the next day. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep on the flight home. Does your brother ever talk about the school shootings? That was such a tradegy and I can't imagine living in a town where that took place
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He just lives a few blocks from that school....I remember when it happened I totally freaked, because his son was still in high school then, but after I called him, I remembered that Tyler lived with his mother, who lives in Lakewood, Colo...and so he didn't go to that school anyway. It really shook my brother up, though, because he had alot of friends who had kids there.
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Debby- Thats the song alright!! It sounds very cool with electric guitars in the background and the sexy voice of David Draiman on vocals...LOVE IT. Of course, the older version was very catchy too, I'm just into heavier music. Ever heard the cover of Michael Jacksons 'Smooth Criminal' by Alien Ant Farm? Love that one too
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Debby, I can't even imagine how it would feel to have a family member so close to that and be worried if they are safe. I personally have problems with panic attacks when I'm worried about my loved ones. I think it stems from having my mom getting sick when I was 14 and dying when I was 18. I'm scared that something is going to happen to the people that I care about. I worry about my dad all the time because he's really all I have left.

Melissa you little head banger you!
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Colby, I know how you feel....since I have lost both parents and all of my grandparents now, I worry alot about losing one of my brothers, they are all the blood family I have left now...and their children of course.

Melissa...funny you should mention Alien Ant Farm....last night on the way to supper...there was a CD in the cd player and I didn't recognize the music, so I asked hubby what it was...he said it belonged to my step-son...who is 11. I looked at the case, and it said alien ant farm...I had never heard of them before.
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I've never heard anything by them except for the Smooth Criminal cover. What kind of music is it, generally speaking??
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It was kind of loud and bangy a word? Not quite my style...but it wasn't too bad....more on the heavy metal side, I think.
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it is tough! At least you've got a little one on the way. That's going to make all the difference in the world. Have you picked out any names?

Mel, AAF is right up your alley. It's modern rock. And don't go buy it! You may be recieving it in the mail soon
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Colby- I love you! Yep..the louder and 'bangier' the better!! :LOL:
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Oh yes..names! we want to hear the names you have in mind! When I named my kids I had this great book '20,000 International Baby names' It was awesome! My daughters name, Tierney, is Irish, like my descendants My son I actually named after my hubbys good friend...Reid. The middle names were hard to pick out. Hubby actually picked them for both kids..Danae (Da-nay) for my little girl, and Taylor for my son. Choosing names is so much fun!!
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Debby, I'm on the other side of the mountains! I'm close to Aspen. Next time you go to visit your brother, let me know! I'll drive over there and we can meet at Casa Bonita, or something!

About the school shootings: I've noticed around here it's almost taboo to talk about it. I wondered why for a while, then realized... in this part of the state there are a LOT of conservatives and we believe in all our constitutional rights. One of them is the right to own and bear arms. Unfortunately "they're" using Columbine as an excuse for even more extreme firearms laws, saying that if there were more or stricter laws, it wouldn't have happened. I'm afraid I don't agree with that ~ If there were more or stricter laws, do you think that would have stopped those boys? Look how many strict laws they broke to do what they did. (You're not allowed to carry a firearm in your vehicle in Denver ~ so while you can buy and own one, how are you supposed to get it home?) Okay, so when 'our side' points this out, were accused of being 'insensitive to the events' that took place at that school. While that is not true, (it was obviously a horrid event that never should have taken place!) how do you argue the point? Too many raw feelings, I think.

Just an observation. Don't want to get into a whole big debate. I just had to throw in my 2 cents.
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It took me so long to type my last post you've all moved on to another subject! Actually, that's fine with me ~ I want to hear the baby names!
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this is soooooo bad, but I can't remember the exact details of littleton. for awhile there, it seemed like there was a new school shooting every couple of months. Was this the one where the boys pulled the fire drill and picked the students off as they came out?

My dad has a gun. And a license of course. Initially (when he first got it I was 18) it freaked me out to spend the night home alone with it. (he works nights and sometimes he would take with him on the drive because he worked in a shady part of town, and it was a 40 minuted drive on the interstate) I think I would have been more comfortable if I had been giving shooting lessons and learned how to handle the gun. I would have been more at ease having it around.
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Colby...the kids set bombs, and also went in and shot alot of the terrified students, who were hiding under tables, was awful!!

Jin...I would love to meet you at Casa Bonita when we go there!!

No names yet...we can't agree on I told hubby we ought to name it Ida for Idaknow.... :laughing:
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