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The great very white North

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I had to work yesterday (quite the challenge it that stuff) but my boyfriend took these pics from around our yard of the winter wonderland that greated us yesterday morning

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Wow, i wish it snowed here like that . Great pics tho.
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Awww....LUCKY! Send me the snow!

Wonderful pictures, enjoy that snow!!
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Brrrr....I wasnt ready to see that yet. Let me get through fall first.
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Beautiful pictures. I don`t want to miss the autumn that is just getting started here in Michigan...but I do look forward to winter afterwards!
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Oh makes me miss Alaska!
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Snooooooooooooow!! It's so beautiful!
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Those look absolutely beautiful!
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Oh I just love it!!! We're just at peak foilage here, and I hope we gets lots this winter!
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Wow, how lovely! Sure hope all that snow stays up there with you!
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I dunno I think mebbee they shulda named it Souix's Lookout cause this is really siberia.....
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Yup that snow is sure pretty to look at and you can keep it too...
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ooh, you live next to a lake!
Nice pictures!
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It looks so peaceful and beautiful there
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It's beautiful... what does Reilly make of the snow?
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These are great pic´s Tracy.........but I´m a Tropical Pet... .......

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all very pretty, but wait - it's just the beginning of FALL! NOOOOOO.... not ready to give up the warm weather just yet! You keep that snow up north!
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Gorgeous Pictures! I want snow
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Haha...I'm ready for fall to happen first, then we can talk snow! What I'm NOT looking forward to is that dreadful gray season from like mid-Feb to April when Chicago becomes a giant ball of slush and fog...yick! I can deal with snow over that stuff any day!

Beautiful pictures!!!
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Originally Posted by kittylea
It looks so peaceful and beautiful there
Yeah, that's my reaction, too. I'd prefer a white winter to a gray one. In Atlanta, I find the winters to be a bit rainy for my taste.
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Georgous! I wish I had that view!
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Hehe no snow for me!... yet For all of you wanting snow I'm sure we can send you truckloads very soon
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It could happen here any time too, but I'm hoping we have a few more weeks of Autumn. Your pix are lovely though.
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Thanks for sharing your pictures of the snow.
It is beautiful where you live.
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Funny how we live in the same province, but it was over 30 C with the humidex yesterday here in Toronto!
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