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Originally Posted by bengalbabe
Because they don't want you to know what the by product is. How many of you would buy a package of pet food that listed like this:
chicken feathers,chicken fecal matter,diseased chicken tumors,ascarid worms from cow intestines,dead chickens that were starting to rot,corn meal,spray digest (which is fermented meat till it turns to liquid and sprayed on the kibble), vitamins(to make up for all of the nutrients your not really getting). minerals (for the same reason).
If pet food compaines were made to tell the exact truth about the products that's exactly how the labels would read.
Actually according to AAFCO feathers and fecal matter are not supposed to be in there. From Ann Martin's book:

Poultry by-product: This can include nonrendered clean parts of slaughtered poultry such as heads, feet, and viscera free of fecal content and foreign matter except in such trace amounts as might occur unavoidably in good factory practice. I put that last part in bold to warn you since it's not a guarantee.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
It's a finicky link...sometimes it first pulls up an ad that you can decline to view and then it takes you to the article anyhoo...here is an article where they recommend the cet chews! click here and scroll down the page to recommended products as well as Wysong's Dentatreat (off the top of my head, I think that's the name of the product).
Thank you so much! I printed that article as well and was surprised to find out that cats can get tarter on their teeth from being tube fed through the stomach!!! Food is irrelevant. Tarter is caused by bacteria. There are only 2 dry foods that clean the teeth, Friskies dental diet and Hills t/d and both dry foods contain very poor quality ingredients. Canned food wins again.
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I just got home from the local feed supply store and wanted to share two things. First, for EliotFinn -- were you able to find stores near you that carry premium brands from checking the websites? Your last post mentioned PetSmart and Petco, but the premium brands are often carried in smaller stores. I want to tell you that I just saw Wellness in large cans - 12.5 oz. -- good for multi-cats households.

Second, while I was there, I saw Old Mother Hubbard Natural canned food. Because we're looking for more flavors and varieties of premium food for our Bodi, I picked up a can to read the label. I expected top-quality ingredients because Old Mother Hubbard makes Wellness. What a shock to see the first ingredient is chicken by-products! On top of that, it was more expensive than the Wellness canned. Just shows to go ya -- ya gotta read the labels even of the companies ya think ya know!

EliotFinn, hope you post back about your search for premium food and how it goes over with your kitties.
And don't get discouraged if they don't take to it at first. Switching Bodi back from FancyFeast has been just trial and error. For instance, of the Wellness canned, she likes only Turkey and Turkey & Salmon. She said 'no thank you' to every other flavor. We figure she knows what she wants at age 16 and let her have her way
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