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OMG: A hit and run!

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I'm really disturbed about this:

I was in our neighbourhood supermarket with hubby. As I was packing the groceries, everyone suddenly went "OMG, she was hit by a car!" I turned around and saw a teenage girl with a bike lying on the road behind the window. And the driver was no where to be found! S/he had escaped! I can't believe some people.

My hubby said the poor girl took a big swing over the hood. She was in a really bad state, they needed two ambulances and an ambulance helicopter for her. The only good thing about the whole business was that the ambulance respond time was less than a minute, very effective. We had to walk past the scene to get home. I made sure I looked away, hubby said the girls head was in pieces, blood everywhere. What also disturbed me was that some of the basic curious onlookers had kids with them. What kind of a parent would let their kid see something like that? I know I would have seen nightmares for weeks if I had seen something similar as a child.

Sorry about the rant, I'm just really freaked out about this. I hope the driver just paniced and will go to the police voluntarily after the initial shock.
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That is so horrible! I'm sorry you had to experience it

There is a lot of hit and run around our city - sadly - and I know what you mean about onlookers with children! But the adults are just as bad, standing and staring! What's so good to look at?!

I truly hope that the person comes forward!
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I think it's a morbid fascination that runs deep inside pretty much all people. How many people look to see where an ambulance is when the sirens are going and the lights are on? How many wonder where the fire truck is headed as it speeds past you all noise and lights? How many of you will glance towards someone windows if it's dark outside and their lights are on? If someone walks out of their house still wearing their shower-cap, would you stop to look and wonder if they knew it was still on? I'm guilty of those things. I won't lie, I'm not perfect, I would probably be an onlooker as well - but not through finding it "good" to look at, but more because I'd be horrified. There are some things even the best of us can't help but do. I can't explain it - it's a natural thing to want to see what's going on - some people are more curious than others, granted. I can understand why children shoudln't be let to see this thing - but in the end perhaps they need to see it because if it's going to be something they'll see often in their lives, it's almost like being conditioned not to be too shocked. I don't and woudln't encourage people to stop and stare - but the fact is, stopping and staring is natural human behaviour.

It's just horrible what happened to this lassie - drivers like that really need to be caught and I hope someone had the presence of mind to note the number plate. If more people were more responsible on the roads, there wouldn't be the need for two amblulances and a helicoper to be called out for an incident like this. If only people used their eyes and their brains and slowed down.
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