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When Persil had an operation I was going away and the vet said her stitches could come out after 6 days so I could be there for a day or so afterwards to check her.
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When I have had cats spayed, stitches come out after 10 days, although if they pull them out themselves after about 4-5 days they are fine, so 7 should be OK.
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Yay! You must have done a great job taking care of her! Well done!

Most places say 7-10 days for stitch removal.
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For a female cat it is an internal incision, so you should wait until it is completely healed. I always thought 14 days. Maybe someone else has a different idea.
I am so glad she is continuing to recover!
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My vet uses "self-disolving" stitches so another trip to the vet was not necesary for that.
Good to read that she is making progress (finally!!).
When I had one of my cats spayed in August they vet said let the cat determine when she is ready to resume her normal routine. Which she has. Bobber complications come from the growths on her ovaries which messed up her hormone levels pretty bad so she went from an aloof little girl to a very chatty one!!!
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Stitches are stitches, human or feline or bunny. I took out my kitty's stitches without any probs. Anyone with basic training - like an EMT, nurse, physician,vet (of course, lol) etc - could do it.

My vet always provides antibiotics and that is a pretty basic standard of care I think. I worry when they do not prescribe them - given that the cat has been opened up at a place (vet's) with various germs and bacteria lurking about.

I am glad to hear she is doing much better - looks like she will be fine which is excellent news!!!!
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7 days is probably fine. Look at the incision, it should be clean, and not pink and irritated. Things should look closed and healed. If by 7 days it isn't, wait a day or two. Removing stitches is really easy, and just like removing humans, you just cut the stitch and pull it out. Your friend doing it should probably be fine.
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I hope your kitty is doing well!

The spay procedure was horrible to watch. (I could sort of see what they were doing through a window.) Remember, I'm in China. Her eyes were open the whole time, apparently she was completely "numbed". But she started wailing terribly near the end of the procedure. I think she vommitted during the procedure. I could see her mouth opening and closing, her head tilted backwards as she lay on her back.
It sounds like they just put her out and went at it[real cut and dry]. When any animal is under anesthetic their eyes do not close, they have to be lubed because of this. She was probably completely out, but because she wasn't tubed or anything, probably started coming out of the anesthetic towards the end of the procedure. I honestly have to agree, if I were ever in china I would either not spay my cat, or get a boy!

I really hope she starts feeling like her old self again! You sound like a really responsible owner and that's great
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Thanks for all the comments. Mimi is definitely back to her old self, including nibbling at my toes when I'm sleeping (But I don't mind!) Her appetite is back with a vengeance

Her incision is dry. I'm looking foward to taking out those ugly-looking black threads.

We got her a little kitty-leash yesterday, and I'll start taking her for "walks" in the outside courtyard in a few days, see how she likes it.

I'm thinking I should probably "educate" the vet next time I see him. I mean, tell him about force-feeding with a syringe, and the dangers of the antibiotics or anesthesia that he uses. Not that I know more than him, but I do think he can and should learn from what Mimi and I have been through, for the sake of his future patients. Of course, tell him in a way that doesn't make him "lose face".
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Great news! I bet you have never been happier to have your toes bitten!
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