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Lily hates me right now..

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Yup lily hates my guts right now.she got into something. what i dont know. which is why it was super important i got it off her. I gave her three baths and still she had this stuff in her hair down near her skin..mommy does not have money for a shave or sheers right away.

This is the worst HACK job ever! allt hat beautiful hair! *cries*

but i got the gunk off..
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awwwww pooor lily....she must be sooo ....awwwwww

please tell me you snapped a few pics while she wasn't looking???
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I havent yet..I wanna try to even it out a little bit before I do. I have done such a HORRID JOB..of her hair..LOL looks horrid. she wont come near me let me even it out. lol..i am gonna see about borrowing some sheers tommrow..I suppose i can try to get some pics..i CRIED while i was doing it though..she had such lovely hair
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Poor Lily. But on the other hand... It'll grow back soon enough, and she'll forgive you even sooner.
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Aaaaaww poor Lily!! Bless her... that'll teach her for getting into things she shoudln't be in! I hope!
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Next time it happens, if it happens , try using "Goop" first (if you hadn't already.) It's a mechanic's waterless soap, very mild, mostly lanolin and will dissolve an amazing amount of "stuff." Follow that up with Dawn to get the last of the Goop out, then I'd probably follow that up with regular cat shampoo to help restore the PH balance. I haven't tried this personally, but I know I ran across it on a couple of show grooming webpages, for Persians and Maine Coons. I've gotten some Goop to use on Kellie da Peke the next time I give her a bath as she tends to get greasy behind her ears and the regular dog shampoo won't budge it.
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Poor Lily . And poor Lily's sad mommy .
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Mommy wasnt trying to torture you... she was trying to ensure your safety since you played it an ukkky substance... so give mommy a break and give her a headbutt...
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I was just looking at the pics in fur pics...she has such beautiful fur!, was she hissing or growling at you while you cut it??
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Poor little girl. One good thing, is her hair will grow back, and it might be even more beautiful.
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Poor Lily!
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No hissing or growling at all she is just mad. shes forgiven me somewhat htough shes on the back of the chair with me again.

Thanks for the suggestion of goop, I tried it, LOL i have alot of it around here for horse stains. I already paid for her to go to the show, LOL i may bring her anyways and just keep her in a sweater next to her sister lol
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Woof! That must of been something else if the Goop wouldn't budge it! Ever identify what it was she could have possibly gotten into?

I like the idea of taking her just for the company. It'll also give you an idea up front of what she's going to think of cat shows and how she might handle.
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Naughty Lily for getting into some nasty stuff and making your poor meowmy go through all this!
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Still havent sorted it out. One of the gals at petsmart gave me a sweater for her today how sweet hehe
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