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O.K. Everything Is Spoiling. Any Recommendations?

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My fridge/freezer decided to quit tonight. Everything is ruined and dripping on the hardwood floor. It is time foir a replacement. Any recommendations on the brand? Side-By-Side? Freezer on the Top? Freezer on the Bottom?
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Yuck, Chris! What a mess! You will surely be throwing out most of the contents of your fridge now. So sorry!

I, personally, prefer a side by side. I have a freezer on top now and am not as pleased. I don't care for the freezer on the bottom style.

Sure hope this can be taken care of quickly!
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We just got rid of our freezer on top model and got a side by side. Granted it doesn't have a huge freezer, it DOES have a huge fridge. So it really depends on what you are looking for. I love my new fridge. It even has the water and ice in the door! I like that too!
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Don't know about brands, but I prefer freezer on top.
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I like the ones that make several versions of ice........crushed, cubed, shreded....
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I would think that if you want:
1) Fancy smansy high technology: Look to the Asian brands from the developed Asian nations such as Korea or Japan. Specifically LG which has LCD screens. Some even have built in sensors to determine temperature of fridge and providing vital information when there is a power failure so you know whether to keep or throw out the food.
2) Cheap and Reliable: Haier. You know how many companies have their factories in China? Well why not cut out the middle man and just go straight.
3) Others: Most of the others would be in between not too cheap but also not too high tech.
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Oh Chris, how annoying for you!

I'm not all up on brands and things, but I like fridge/freezers with the freezer on the bottom! However, from my experience, separates are better as usually only one part goes wrong!

I hope you can get this sorted quickly!
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I like the look and the idea of the side by side, but normally the freezer is small.

So, how much ice cream have you eaten?
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My parents just got a new refridgerator and they got the one with the freezer on the bottom, and the freezer is a huge drawer that pulls out, its so nice and I love it! The freezer has TONS of room, and the fridge is massive...thats my choice!
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No recommendations on what to buy....but you might want to check with your insurance as to if they cover your freezer contents ...if it was full. Sometimes they do...not sure about in this case....but know ours did when we lost everything in freezer and :censor::censor::censor::censor: when electric went out for several days during the storm last spring.
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I prefer the "frenchdoor" one with the freezer on the bottom.

Like that.
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Thats what my parents have-its wonderful!!
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
I prefer the "frenchdoor" one with the freezer on the bottom.

Like that.
Now that is cool! I will have to go look at that one (assuming they have it around here).
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Oh, they have 'em here, alright, but you're looking at top $$$$ - the cheapest one I saw when I was shopping for one last month was $11-1200. Some of the top-of-the-line were over $2500!!

Chris, I'm so sorry about your fridge's untimely demise!! hope the hardwood's doin OK.

I eventually went with a bottom-mount (freezer on bottom) fridge, and I love it! I'm so rarely in my freezer anyway, it made more sense for me to have the fridge part up where I could SEE everything more easily. And, like babyharley's, my freezer has a large drawer that slides out so I can see everything in there, too. I paid abt $700 on sale.

Top-mounts will be the least expensive, and probably the most plentiful, w/side-by-side's a close second as far as choice. You can get a basic top-mount for as little as $400, but it won't have any bells and whistles.
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Thanks for the advice, everyone. There were so many models and the french door fridges were cool, but more than what I wanted to spend. I looked at all the models and couldn't decide. I ended up getting a 25 cu ft side by side (I have a 21 cu ft top freezer now) . I am so excited because there is a water filter and a place in the door for ice! Then we get home and DH tells me that would not have been his choice because more gadgets mean more can go wrong (too practical ). He will like it . Still have to keep food cool another day . They cannot deliver until tomorrow.
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I'm happy that you decided on a model!! I bet you are very excited to finally get one that works again!
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