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Better Late than Never

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I just realized I've become a young cat (quite a feat in a young woman's life ) so I thought I'd finally say an official hello.
I was glad to come across this site after I got my kitty Guimauve. So many things seemed to be happening with the poor little guy that it was good to find a source of support and answers.
We live in the Washington DC Metro Area (ok ,it's VA) but think it's time for a change. We both have taken a liking to the Left Coast - LA specifically. Well, Gui doesn't really care where we live as long as he has a window to look out of and food in his bowl . And, since I've been out of work for a while (a great job is out there, uh huh, it is), now might be the time to move. I used to work for a big, bad international organization in DC but we had had enough of each other. While I figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up, it's nice to take some time to play online in between job searches. More importantly, I get to spend quality time with my purrball. He is, by the way, a white kitty with one yellow eye and one blue eye (makes for a lovely one red eye effect in lots of photos - ha). Hopefully, he won't be too upset when the time arrives that I'm not spending all day with him: Girl, girl, where are you? There seems to be something foul in my litter box. Also, why aren't my toys moving about?
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Hi Vikki!!!
Welcome to The Cat Site! It's filled with good information and good people, and I'm glad you found help and support here!
See you later!
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Vikki...we love having you here!
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Thanks for the welcome.
Maybe it's been too long since I posted a question so I might have to do that soon . I had to put Guimauve on a bit of a diet and he's none too happy about that. But, who would be??
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Hi and welcome! We're glad to have you here!
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Hi Vikki!

It sounds like you have an adorable baby boy who loves his mommy. It is difficult leaving them for work - I just want to stay curled up in bed with them. Hope to see you posting often!
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