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Flea Question...

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My friend just brought home a kitten yesterday and she has fleas. I told her to wash her in Dawn and comb out the fleas but she had already washed her in doggy flea shampoo So how long should she wait to wash her and how often can she wash her to try and get rid of the fleas? The lady she got her from told her the kitten was 6 weeks old but from what my friend is saying the kitten sounds more like 4 weeks. She isent even getting out of her box yet and hasent pooped for her yet. She hardly moves around and all and when she does she is not steady on her feet. She said shes the size of her palm and shes got small hands. My kitten who is 7 weeks is almost twice the length of my hand and jumping and running everywhere and you could not contain her in a box, so for this kitten to be one week less.......well I think the lady lied to her. ITs very sad actually!!
So if anyone could give me some advice for her Id appreciate it. I did tell her to buy a flea collar and put it in her vacumn and to vacumn often....she found sand/dirt on the kitten and I think that it might be flea eggs. So to wach her bedding often as well.........anything Im missing?? Shes going to try and get her to the vet ASAP!
Thanks all
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ok first of all 4 OR 6 weeks is too young to be away from the mother...any way the baby could go back? You may need to help the baby poop, how long has she not gone? She needs to be kept warm...she doesn't sound like she is in good shape honestly...

I think that is too young to use flea treatments, the dog flea shampoo is definately bad for her and may even have harmed her being THAT young. She really should see a vet ASAP. If money is an issue, there is a place down in Cuyahoga Falls that is a low cost clinic and it is very very cheap to take your pets there. I can give you directions if you want to make the trek down. It is called Pet Guards, you don't make an appointment, you just show up.
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Thanks Jen.........I know its too young but nope I dont think she can take her back. Shes already mad at herself for making such a rash decision when she got the kitten without looking into it first. I think she plans to make a trip to the vet tomorrow. I have a number for a place for her but if she needs another place I will give her the information youve given. Thanks so much!! I had a coupon for a vet clinic over here where she can get in for the kittens visit for free so we shall see what happens. I cant Make her take the kitten but she sounds like she wants to.
Thanks again
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I forgot you said it is your friend. try to incourage her to take the cat in to be looked at. ESPECIALLY if you have a free coupon, I am afraid the cat might not make it unless she is seen. Good luck and please let me know what happens and how the baby is.
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Thanks Jen. Ill keep you posted. Im going to call her in the Am and see what she is going to do.
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Jen.....my friend took her kitten to the vet this am. The kitten is a HE for sure and he is 5 weeks old. The vet said he looked fine and my friend managed to get rid of all the fleas off of him. Now I just hope she got them out of her house as well. Just wanted to give an update.
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So happy to hear it!
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