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Neuter Question

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I just got home from the vet after my Buddy was neutered. We elected to let the vet give him a pain shot that will last about 12-24 hrs. We have him isolated right now in the bathroom and I am checking on him periodically. He also has an elizabethen collar. How long should I keep the collar on? I forgot to ask at the vet's office.

Poor baby.... his is totally stoned from the shot they gave him. His eyes are dialated and he is soooo wobbley.
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Poor baby - I presume that the collar has to stay on until the stiches come out.

But I could be wrong

Give him a cuddle (a gentle one) and a kiss for me - What a good boy!
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Every vet will tell you something different about how long the collar should stay on. The vets at the hospital I go to don't even give them to males, and sometimes they don't give them to females.

Bella didn't have a collar, but I watched her to make sure that she wasn't irritating that area with too much washing. If she had, I would have bought a collar.

Did your boy get stitches? I thought that neuters were done without them, but I could be wrong...

I'd remove the collar and just watch him. If he tries to groom excessivly, put the collar back on.
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He has the kind of stitches that are disolvable. We requested the collar because he has always groomed his privates excessively. He has moved from the bathroom to our ajoining bedroom. It is darker in there and the light probably was hurting his eyes because of the pain meds causing dialation. We will probably remove the collar in a couple of days and save it for Sissy when we take her in to be spayed. We could only afford to get Buddy neutered at this time and since Sissy is still nursing the kittens, my hubby did not want to take her in yet.
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Keep Buddy and Sissy separated for at least a month - boys can still be fertile for about that long after they are neutered.

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I left my boys e-collars on for 6 days
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We removed the collar because he kept freaking out with it on. He is much calmer now. We are watching him and if he starts excessive licking, we will put it back on. He wants out of the bedroom but the vet told us not to let him eat until tomorrow, so we are keeping him in. His eyes are still dialated. Is that normal when they give him a strong pain shot? I have had cats neutered before but they never had a shot for pain. His eyes were dialated when we picked him up, so the vet was aware of this. I have never been told not to let them eat after surgery before too. Poor baby.. He is probably sooo hungry since he has not eaten since last night.
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His eyes are probably dilated because they gave him an injection of atropine (often given prior to anesthetizing, it stimulates the heart).

I have never heard of withholding food the night after surgery and frankly would consider doing so to be potentially very dangerous. Cats can become hypoglycemic fairly easily. He will probably be hungry and eat what you offer.
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We never had to use collars on either of our cats after neutering - male or female. Bijou did not even have stitches or glue. They just placed the skin back together and told us to just watch that he did not do excessive licking, i.e., more than normal.

When Mika was spayed - same thing - no collar and she did lick some but not excessively.
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Buddy's eyes are back to normal and he is not licking himself at all. He seems to be back to normal. During the night, he was able to jump on our bed for petting. Night now, he is asleep on his purch as normal
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